Nutella Lovers ???

  1. I need for someone to stage an intervention here .... Yesterday, I ate half of a large tub of Nutella AFTer dinner watching grey's anatomy....any other Nutella addicts?
  2. :yucky: Ewwwww............sorry Karmita, I can't stand Nutella - my Kids love it though. My sister also loves it and eats it with a spoon straight from the jar.

    Lol - did you eat it straight? Did it make you thirsty?
  3. OMG!!!!! I loooooveee Nutella!!! I can eat it straight out of the jar with a glass of milk!!!

  4. you KNOW it~~

    Cal - you're lucky you can resist it! don't tell me you love Marmite?? eww..
  5. *GASP!* Marmite?!?!??!? Lol - I'm an Aussie and it's Vegemite all the way for me baby! ;)
  6. loooove nutella!!!
  7. hahah Not so much Nutella, as Duo Penotti, so good!
  8. OMG I have a weakness for this stuff.
  9. aaahhh - I love Nutella - I love it on French bread and with peanut butter on French bread!!

    Great stuff - so bad for you!! :love:
  10. I love it. Nutella with crepes or with toast. And in those Ferrero Rocher truffles.
  11. I used to LOVE it, but now I know that it's a source of partially hydro fat... There this choco-hazelnut spread in Trader Joes though, but it doesn't taste the same.
  12. Yum!
  13. Nutella=YUM
    Vegemite=why don't you taste like marmite?

    Marmite and butter on toast...:drool:
  14. I love Nutella on dry toast! Yum. By the way, if you want a treat really bad for you...melt and stir nutella over the stove with heavy whipping cream and use the mixture to dunk fruit, pound cake, fondue. =)
  15. Omg I love nutella! It makes everything taste better.