Nursing / pregnancy bra help desperately needed!

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  1. Hi ladies...

    Well, I'm officially in my third trimester (28 weeks, 2 days). So far I've resisted buying new bras - I've just been living in some larger ones that I had previously, but I realize now that I need extra support and so I'm trying to figure out what to do.

    Pre-pregnancy I have quite a small chest - like 34 A or B - I've never really needed a bra for support previously - moreso just for shape. My breast size increased early on and has been pretty steady for the last few months - at around 36 C.

    On the one hand it seems premature to buy nursing bras, on the other hand, it seems like a waste to go out and buy bras that I'll only wear for a couple of months. I'm prepared to invest in some good nursing bras but the ones that I have tried on so far have left me uninspired.

    I know that people rave about Bravado, but the cups just don't seem to fit me right. Also, I am used to wearing higher quality lingerie and the Bravado straps, etc. feel stiff to me.

    I have a friend who raves about Isabella Oliver, but their website is out of my size right now.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for whether I should indeed be looking at nursing bras already and, if so, what brands / styles I might want to consider. Assuming that I'm able to breastfeed I realize that I'll need nursing bras for maybe the next year - I'm just not sure if I should be getting them already?

    Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, and happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I would go and get fitted if I was you and then buy on line when you know your size. I have only just been fitted again and I have gone to a 10F! :nuts: I would never of thought that I was that size as I usually have NONE!!!
  3. If I were you I would wait just a little. When your milk comes in they are going to get even bigger. I was about your size and went to a 38C and I have had about 3 or 4 different nursing bras and honestly the most comfortable one I have is a Bestform one that I got at Walmart for like $12. I was so surprised. It is wireless and so comfortable. I will definetely not be paying for expensive ones anymore after the Bestform.
  4. You will get bigger when your milk comes in and you're engorged for a bit, but then they'll shrink back a bit. So you'll only be bigger than you are now and at the end of your pregnancy for a short time.
    My tip is to wait until about 34 weeks and go,
    MAKE SURE you can latch/unlatch bra w/ one hand because the other hand will be holding the baby.
    So snaps didn't work for me, hooks/eyes worked best for me.

    I preferred a jog bra type of bra and I swelled to an F, but the jog bras are good because you'll be lying in bed nursing/napping and then at night you need to continue wearing bras for support and if you find a good jog bra style and buy a handful you won't have to change before bed.
    You'll need to make sure you aren't in underwire or anything remotely confining as that can cause the ducts to clog by constricting the lymph nodes there.
  5. i also suggest just some sports bras...they aren't fashionable or pretty, but they are comfortable and you wont really care if you get lanolin on them. and they are easy to lift up or pull down. i also would suggest that you do NOT get a nursing bra with under wire. every time i wore a bra with under wire in it i got clogged up milk ducts....and they were soooooo painful!!
  6. i love (love!) the nursing tanks sold at target! i've practically used one everyday since giving birth. like swanky said, one hand holds the baby while the other is unhooking so baby can eat.
  7. ^^those are great too...i used them with k-kay, though only for 3 wks since she had to be put on formula. but they were nice and you didn't have to worry about your tummy hanging out while you bf
  8. lol so true!
  9. You might want to get 1 or 2 cheaper bras at the end of your pregnancy to have when for when you give birth because you don't really know what size you will actually need. Once breastfeeding is established you can invest in some nicer ones. Stay away from underwire because they can contribute to blocked ducts (very painfull to say the least!) I always used warners nursing bras from walmart, they were comfy and cheap. They held up in the wash and dryer very well, which was importaint to me because I had lots and lots of milk and lots of leaking even with breastpads. In the early days I was washing those suckers all the time (I think I had to change bras 2-3 times a day). I had about 6 or 7 nursing bras.
  10. I'm currently nursing and hate dealing with bras and shirts ... I have been using regular cami's and nursing cami's with cardigans over top for easy access. This works best and is most comfortable for me. I found cami's have just as much support as the nursing bras I've tried.
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    i bought one nursing bra and one nursing tank (bravado) my last month of pregnancy. i simply chose one cup size larger than i was at the time (which was 3 cup sizes larger than i was pre-prego). for me the nursing tank came in much more handy than the nursing bra, as that way i could use it with non-nursing tops. i started out using a nursing bra w/ nursing top, but then after a couple feedings the nursing top got stained with spit up or breastmilk and i had to change multiple times a day, esp if i went out. with a nursing tank however, even if it gets a little stuff on it u can still wear it underneath clean clothing. also if u nurse in public with the nursing tank u don't have to expose your tummy.

    like meluvs2shop mentioned, the nursing tanks at Target (Gilligan & O'Malley) are great. i use the Bravado ones as well..i've used a nursing tank every day since coming home from the hospital. the bravado ones are pricey (~$40) but are really nice-looking (in the summer, could be worn on their own) and don't give u the "uniboob" look.

    if u are unsure of your size i would just buy one or two nursing tanks and then order more a few days after u deliver once u know they fit..this is what i did and it worked out well.
  12. I wonder if regular tanks with a shelf bra would work. I am really hating my nursing tanks and bras lately...they squeeze my ribcage and its sooo uncomfortable!
  13. ^^ i used them towards the end of bf'ing my oldest son and through the whole time with my youngest son. i was tired of the i would just pull my boob out the top of the tank...haha
  14. I've been all over the place with brands but let me tell you two things. Besides the cut, cup, and fit, if you're planning to nurse for the long term, these couple of factors may be of interest:

    1) ease of use
    Try on a bra. Undo and affix the clasp with one hand. Try the other cup with the other hand. If you're able to accomplish that but are taking a little longer than expected, then you're fine but need a little practice at home. If you're struggling and need both hands, forget it, try a different brand. Reason being sometimes you may need to fasten quickly when nursing in public and can't risk having unfastened flaps falling out and showing through your dress.

    2) Claspless bras work best but give least support. I suppose being C you're not too badly off but probably won't suit very busty mothers. You just have to push the material aside and nurse, very easy and convenient.
  15. I was given a few for my shower but found them with no or minimal support, and then occasionally the band under the bust would ride up if I didn't adjust it properly after nursing.