Nursing Mom Gets thrown out of Plane

  1. Nursing mother's protest grows - The Boston Globe

    It seems like this is still a hot topic!

    In Summary, the Mom was breastfeeding her 22 month old child and was asked to cover with a plane blanket. When she refused, she was thrown out of the plane. Since then, protests in major airports erupted.
  2. That's freakin' ridiculous! People need to get a life and worry about their own lives instead of making issues out of minor sh*t! The complainants have a lot of crap coming to them. Damn Bastards. When I have children, screw that, I am breastfeeding EVERYWHERE.
  3. I think you should be able to breastfeed anywhere, BUT I don't think it's an outrageous request to cover up. Note everyone needs to see the actual mechanics of breastfeeding.
  4. "It's JUST a boob!!!"
  5. Yikes!! I remember previous breastfeeding in public threads, so I am keeping my opinion out of this one!!

  6. :wtf:
  7. here we go again.
  8. I don't understand why she would refuse. I'm all for breastfeeding in public of course, but if someone asked me to cover up, I wouldn't have a problem with that. I should mention that I'm not the type that is okay with showing off my breasts to random people in the first place, so I would be descreet. But then again...I'm also uncomfortable in a bathing, you know.
  9. i think that she has the right to breast feed...but not with her breast suspended in the air for all to see
  10. I don't want an airplane blanket on me, let alone on my child. Her baby was hungry, who really cares.

    I guarantee most of the men on the plane have looked at porn before- so really, a boob to feed a child is NO big deal.

    You could always just turn your head?! She wasn't walking up and down the aisle showing her girls off...
  11. Excuse my ignorance, but until what age do you typically breast or bottle feed a child? I guess I always thought it was a lot less than 22 months. I really know nothing about babies.:huh:
  12. I don't see the big deal about a mother nursing her baby. She had a blanket thrown over her. Nothing was showing. It just doesn't make sense. A woman can wear a low cut dress with her bosoms showing but she gets kicked off a plane for breastfeeding. That's just plain ridiculous.
  13. and I'll love you even more!:love:
  14. until it's mutually decided. Some women nurse for 3+ years although it's not really common.
    I'd guess 18 months or less is most common.
  15. Between the 4 of us, my sister, brother and I were breast fed until we were about 2. My other brother went until he was about 3. My mom said it just varied with all of us and we had different tendencies.

    I plan on breastfeeding all of my children... and when they are hungry, I shall feed them!!