Nursing Bra

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good nursing bra. I don't have to much longer till my baby is due and I have no idea of what brand of nursing bra to get. Any input would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. I bought a bustier/sports bra nursing bra type from Medela, loved it. so comfy.
  3. I had the Elle McPherson nursing bras in lots of colours and styles, they're still pretty and feminine (unlike alot of others) and not too expensive either, i loved them!

    they have comfortable, pretty, well made nursing bras. i just had my 3rd baby in march, these are the best.
  5. I ordered my nursing bras from

    Here are the ones that I have and would recommend:
    ^ This one is beautiful and very comfortable! :smile:

    They are a bit pricey, but they really are worth it!

    Also, if you can - I'd look into getting a Nursing Tank. I'm running around in these a majority of the time,a nd they're great! They're tanktops with a built in maternity bra. I got mine from and they are really wonderful!
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies. Looks like I have some shopping to do!

  7. I agree, Bella Materna is awesome. The nursing bralet is great to start with, since you don't need to unfasten anything, loved it!