Nursing bra advice

  1. Looking ahead to actually having the baby in 5 weeks or so, my friend (2 kids, 3 yrs & 6 mos.) advised me to take a couple of nursing bras to the hospital, and to be prepared to sleep in them to help with leakage. Any advice on which ones to get? I'm thinking a couple of the Bravado ones, and I got a couple Belabumbum just because they're so cute. I loathe wearing a bra, btw, so it needs to be really comfy. Even now while I'm preggers and actually have some boobs, I take it off when I get home in the evening. I also tend to have very, ah, perky nipples, so usually wear a t-shirt or lined bra when I'm out in public. Though I guess maybe I'll be wearing nursing pads, so that won't be an issue?
  2. If you hate bras how about GlamourMom Tanks?
  3. i wear glamourmom tanks ever since the delivery of my baby daily. plus the long tank serves well under sweaters for cold winter day. i think they are very comfortable.
  4. you'll definitely want a bra for when that milk comes in:yes: TRUST ME, even w/ a bra, I literally cupped mine and carried them when no one was looking! LOL! And yes, you'll use nursing pads around the clock. . . I love them, this topic reminds me how wonderful those are for headlight issues even when not nursing.
    Here's my tip, go to your nicest local maternity store and try a couple on, your bbs won't get a lot bigger than they are now and stay that way, they'll get big and engorged and then go back down a bit.
    My ti is try one on and use only ONE hand to unhook and re-fasten it, this is what you'll be doing when nursing so you'll want to make sure you can do it one-handed.
    You don't need expensive ones, there's a TON of great job bra style ones that are super comfy.
  5. Totally agree with SwankyMama. Even the most devout bra-hater will appreciate a nursing bra when the milk comes in. Your girls get super heavy and they will be sore. Do go somewhere that you can get fitted/advice from someone who deals with nursing bras routinely, if this is at all possible! Check out Bravado (you can get them cheaper online than in many stores, fyi and also Noppies (LOVED these two). One of my friends swore by one that was designed by a celebrity (sorry, the brand escapes me; I tried one - it was really pretty but didn't fit me well).

    The underwire/no underwire question is worth discussing. If you don't NEED the underwire support, it's best to avoid it because there is a real correlation between plugged milk ducts - painful!! - and underwires/other points of pressure. You're not really looking to 'showcase' your breasts (though one nice fancy bra is a good mood lifter and fun for those rare occasions when you have a special night out in the early months) so don't plan to do anything but comfortable healthy support at this point! Feel free to PM with any questions....have put alot of time and energy on this general topic!
  6. I bought some tank nursing tops at Target. They work wonderful and plus you feel covered up when you have visitors or others in your room. They are also comfortable to sleep in.
  7. I agree with the others - get some nursing bras. I used the Medela nursing bra (has an underwire, but very comfy), the Glamourmom tanks (which IMHO ran a little small), and the Bravado bras (comfortable and looked decent under clothes when I went back to work).

    I wore the Glamourmom tanks the most when I was on maternity leave and on the weekends, but I really liked the Bravado ones, which looked normal and relatively seamless under regular clothes.

    I wore the Liz Lange for Target tanks. They were a great price compared to the Glamourmom tanks although not as thick.
  8. I LOVE the sleep-bras by Medela. Now that I'm in my 10th month of exclusive breastfeeding I often wear these out during the day as well. They were a godsend for keeping pads in place at night without having to sleep with a constricting bra on.
  9. A couple of things to add: yes, absolutely agree that the glamourmom tanks run small. I am/was/am again not on the large size [pre-preg started out a small 36ishB; fullest of milk was a very large 38C+ and am back to 38B] but so needed the support. From everything I've read, keeping your breasts good and supported during lactation months [I did 26+ months] helps minimize sagging/stretching or anything adverse like that as much as possible in the aftermath. Bravao was SO comfortable. Sorry; I missed where you had said you were looking at those. Good choice! These will wash and wear and wash and wear incredibly well. I also found that I appreciated having a bra on while I slept - and actually did that for nearly a full 2 years. In the first 6 months it was helpful for leakage - kept pads in place, etc.

    Nursing will make those nipples perkier than ever. Think 'visible from an areal photo' kind of perky! :shocked: As reluctant as I am to add more stuff to landfills, when I was back to work, I used a combo of nursing pads in the early months: a top layer of Lansinoh disposables (there were my favorite dispos; most flexible, least visible thru clothes and wonderfully absorbent) and inside them, a layer of cotton washable ones. I have to find the website where I ordered these; they were organic cotton, washed well, stayed soft, etc.... Pads are worth having ahead of time. Many women find they leak alot more than they were expecting! And it's very very common, when you are feeding on one side, when your milk 'lets down' (i.e., starts to flow after you baby's sucking stimulates it), your other side will leak a bit - so a pad or a burp cloth tucked into the unopened side of your bra is helpful. Breastmilk is nice and fatty, so it does stain!
  10. LOL! This is a bit like what I do with my groin these days, only in the privacy of my own home, of course. Baby dropped around 28 weeks, and now that he's 5+ lbs., there are times that I stand up and really feel him down there.

    So I have 2-3 Bravados (can't remember exactly what I ordered) and two Belabumbums to start off with, plus a box of pads and some Soothies. That will get me through the first couple of weeks, right? Then I can go out and try things on once I know if I'm going up a cup size or anything, and have the hang of what I'm doing a little more in terms of testing clasps, etc. I remember looking at one or two of the brands that I think actually involved a more precise size and really hesitating over getting those now, stuck to mediums with a broader range. I'll also check for the glamourmom tanks. The store I'll be going to has a lot of Medela, so that will be easy to check once I've actually started nursing.

    The comment on the arial photo visibility totally cracked me up. That will definitely be an issue for me, since it was a pre-preggo problem anyway. Glad to get tips on layering the various pads.
  11. has some great organic cotton bras. The Jane plus cup bra was good for nursing especially at night and around the house when you didn't want a tight bra on. I hated most nursing bras and can't remember anything I really wore but things from Blue Canoe.
  12. I love my Bravados!
  13. I love these too. :smile: Actually found a few sites that carry them. :smile:
  14. GAP nursing tanks, Mimi Maternity no wire soft nursing bras, Medela Overnight/Sleep Bra.

    Don't spend a ton of money on them. Also, I would only buy one and maybe some tanks until after your milk comes in b/c you won't know what size you'll be.

    I am normally an A and I was a D with DD and w/ DS I went from a C to a B but have enough milk to feed a small country.

    I also suggesting buying a lot of black. Lanolin stains and you can't see it on black bras.