Nursery (help please)

  1. Im making my puppys a nursery/room. And I was wondering if anyone knew of any place to buy quality dog furniture...?? Like little dressers, beds, toy boxes, and form of furniture for dogs that you can buy on the internet.... If so, please post. Thanks! And if you have any creative ideas also on what I can do with dog friendly decorations and such please let me know!!
  2. haha you're so cute!!!

    pamperedpuppy is a good place to look and also gwlittle, I swear I've seen a doggie armoir on that website!

    You're gonna need to post pics of this after you're all done!! :smile:
  3. ^Second that! And is a good one, too

    I used a baby play pen for my Chis when they were teeny...just make sure to get the kind with the soft netting, not with wood slats that they could squeeze through! :smile:
  4. I don't know of any, but I just wanted to post to say how adorable it is that you are making a nursery for your puppies!:love:

    Please post pics when you are finished and they are moved in!
  5. I second and also You have some lucky little dogs! I also used to use a baby playpen with mesh for my first Chi. It worked out really well :yes: