Nursery Decor Ideas


Which decor idea do you like best?

  1. Very Simple

  2. Cute Stars

  3. Asian

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  1. OK, I need some advice! Here are 3 ideas I have for nursery decor:

    1. Very simple
    This is my favorite crib, the one I originally pictured in my mind, very simple and white.
    It's the Gulliver Crib from Ikea, only $90.

    If I go with this, I can get pretty much any bedding. I am thinking something simple, white and lightblue (maybe polkadots or satin). I would also get a white changing table/dresser combo and a white or lt blue recliner chair for feedings/holding him. (I can't handle rocker/gliders, I get dizzy bc I have ear problems)

    I even found a clouds pattern that I can get order bedding in crib size, but I dont love it as much as nick & nora:

    2. Cute stars
    This Superstar Slotti set from target is adorable!

    This blue Mammut dresser from Ikea also matches:

    I would go with simple white or blue bedding & chair with this as well.

    3. Asian
    I like this because it is "unbaby" but do I want it to be? This is not what I had in mind at all, but it is kind of growing on me:

    I would go with a simple wood crib, and keep the tan/red/dark wood theme. I am not planning to get ALL of the pieces from this design either. I dont want a quilt. I like the red valance but the curtains are not right for my windows. I like most of the other pieces. Love the pandas!

    Here is another asian themed bedding set I found, but it may be too crappy (its like $40 on eBay for the whole set):

    I do like that color scheme though.
  2. ******FOR ALL DESIGN IDEAS*******

    I spent some time researching wall decals, since I am definetly NOT painting (the smell makes me ill). There are fabulous wall decals to go with any of my design ideas. My favorites are from blik or acte-deco. Since I am pretty crafty, I might even try to make some wall decals.

    So from blik ( I love:

    clouds (for first 2 themes): [​IMG]

    bamboo (for asian theme):

    from Acte-Deco I love:

    I like a lot of the designs on the kids page:

    This would be cute with the stars crib:

    For the Asian theme, I LOVE this one:

    I LOVE everything from Acte-Deco (
  3. Wow, cute things...I can't pick! I kinda like the Panda Bear theme....but also like your cloud idea...

    So exciting!!!
  4. 2nd one gets my vote!!
  5. Stef, I voted for #1! I'm just a fan of simple all the way around, in life and home decor! LOL!! (but the pandas are sure cute!)
  6. I know I'm torn bc I like them all. Although the stars are cute, the non-slotted headboard may be too heavy. Ugh, I cant decide!
  7. While baby is young, go as cute as you can. There will be plenty of time for plain or sophisticated later on.
  8. The stars are my least favorite. My personal taste is for the first, simple one, but the Asian could be pretty cute too! I'm a sucker for pandas though, so that might be why I like it!
  9. After talking to my friend and all of your advice, I have a NEW idea! I am taking the parts I like best and looking for new pieces. I have some new colors in mind too! And I'm keeping the bamboo and the pandas!

    New Theme idea:

    but in light brown (walls are white, carpet is beige)

    this cute wall hanging (comes from that dark asian theme above)

    These are the Clouds & Stars sheets where just the top part zips off for easy changing

    bumper pads, crib skirt, and curtains in this fabric

    Same type of light wood simple crib, and matching changing table/dresser (they have tons of great ones at

    beige or sage green recliner

    Assorted panda dolls, pictures on wall, etc!

    I got the idea from this:
  10. Forgot to mention, my friend just pointed out the sides do not go down at all on the stars crib, which will make changing the sheets harder.
  11. I would definitely choose simple.. when i decorated my little girl nursery, i made it all white with very very light pink shades of pillows on the chair and on the beddings.
  12. LOVE the yellow stars design!! So cute!
  13. very simple in pastels
  14. I would go simple. With my baby, I got the furniture simple but picked up a bunch of really cute baby things to decorate with. Like pp mentioned, you can always go sophisticated later, but you can only go cute when they are very little.
  15. I would keep the crib simple, that way if you have other children, you can pass it down easily and it will match with any decor. You should get a great bedding set that's easy to change. My vote is for the french stars decal. So cute...