Nursery-almost done :)

  1. Here are the pictures of the furniture that arrived today :smile: I still need to hang the shelf and hang the other stuff on the wall... this is just the furniture. I know that Danica had wanted to see how it looked since she was eyeing the furniture on the website as well.
    zoesroomlala.jpg zoesroomlala2.jpg
  2. How beautiful. I love the paint combination on the walls. They are not colors I would ever think of putting together but it works and is stunning. Now you are giving me ideas to do this combo in one of my rooms....I was going to paint part of a room/hall tan and wanted another color and may I ask you what color name and brand paint you used????
    The furniture is beautiful too.....I love the dark wood and the shape of the crib. Very comfy seat--which you will use alot.
    Congratulations....and post more pictures as you go along.
  3. The furniture is stunning and I love the paint combo too! How exciting! Watching the nursery come together must be a thrill. I look forward to that day :smile:
  4. Congratulations, your baby's nursery is coming along really well. I have just recently cleared one of my guest rooms and will be starting on mine soon. I hope you keep updating this thread and show us how the nursery looks in the end i really enjoy looking at other people's nursery ideas :smile:
  5. Thanks so much! I'm so excited:yahoo: I just want to hang out in there!

    gillianna- the brand is Behr paint... the pink is "scented valentine 100A-3" and the brown is "stone brown 250F-4" and I had him put a white chair rail in the middle to break it up... very neopolitan ice cream like ;)
  6. ohhh I love it!!! The crib especially, it's so beautiful you lucky gal! The Larkin Collection is my favourite for sure. Congrats on the beautiful room...I also love the colour combination. :smile:
  7. I love the crib and changing table/dresser! How exciting! YOu are on the ball with your nursery being set up already! I would always be rushing around getting it down the last month.
  8. Thanks so much for the infor on the paint. Now I need to get the samples of this paint from the store. I am wondering where to paint it. I would love to do something like this in my daughter's room. She will be 9. Her room has 3 walls painted pink and one yellow. I really feel she needs new paint.....
    I had my handyman come by to give me a estimate on some work in the kitchen and he talked of doing some wood work in there but I would rather get chair rail in a few rooms. I had that done in most of my houses and miss that you can paint two colors and change the look when ever you wanted because it was easier to only paint half the wall.
    The nursery is really beautiful. I would find it a very tranquil and happy room to sit in.....
  9. Stunning color combo with the walls and the wood. I can't wait to see it with the wall hangings! What does the bedding look like?
  10. The nursery looks really lovely!!!!! :biggrin:
  11. Beautiful pieces of baby furniture! I love the dark wood. Glad that your nursery is coming together so well. :biggrin:
  12. It looks so pretty! And you are SOOOO far ahead of me. I'm due a week or two after you (officially two weeks after, but all the ultrasounds have been looking like it will be earlier.) So far all I've done is order the crib.:shame:

    We did finally pick a changing table/dresser, but I still need to go order it. And the rocker/glider. And get the nursery (and the rest of the house) painted. And get the sheets and curtains and all that. I better get on it, huh?
  13. I found these really nice soft sheets in pinks and brown and that's all I'm doing as far as the bedding is concerned. Being that you can't use blankets or have anything in the crib for safety reasons I figure it would be a waste for me. Once she gets older I will find something, but for now it would just be a hassle to have to take off the blankets, bumpers, etc. when she goes down... it's bad enough to do it with my own bed every nite lol. But for curtains, my mom is making them using this beautiful brown fabric that will gather at the floor and then a pink sheer underneath... but once she can crawl I will have to change that so she can't pull them down on her, but for now it will work. But yeah... has anyone else skipped the whole bedding thing as well? I just don't see a reason for it at that age.
  14. Such a pretty girls room!!! I love the color combo as well, you have great taste!
  15. Gorgeous colors and furniture!!!