Nurse Gave Four-Year-Old MMR Vaccine AGAINST Wishes Of Parents

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    Unapproved vaccine: Four-year-old girl received MMR against parents' wishes (file picture)

    A nurse disregarded the wishes of a four-year-old's parents by giving her the MMR jab.

    The girl's mother and father had chosen to pay privately for separate injections for measles, mumps and rubella, as they feared the combined jab might be linked to autism.
    But practice nurse Zubaida Khan gave their daughter the combined vaccine anyway, as "parents often change their minds".
    Khan, 58, had recently started working at the surgery when the girl, who has Down's syndrome, arrived with her childminder for a booster jab of the vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and polio, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard yesterday.
    The child's mother, referred to as Miss B, had sent a note giving permission for that vaccine, and the girl's vaccination record book - but Khan gave her the combined MMR vaccine instead.
    Miss B had agonised over whether to give her daughter the MMR vaccine, because of concerns over links to autism, the hearing was told.
    "There wasn't enough evidence either way. There was too much of a question mark to, as I saw, take a risk.
    "Any chance she would be exposed to any other type of affliction was something I wasn't ready to consider."
    But when the girl came home, Miss B discovered she had not been given the booster she went for and instead had been given the MMR jab.
    She complained to the Florence Road Surgery in Ealing, West London. Khan was dismissed later that month.
    Khan admitted to bosses having read in the girl's record book that she had been given the separate jabs. But she said in her experience parents "often change their minds" about the combined MMR vaccine.
    Miss B added: "The nanny told me there had been some problem at the surgery and that the nurse had tried to call me and hadn't got through, then had given her the MMR."
    Miss B phoned the surgery and spoke to Khan, the panel heard.
    "It didn't seem as if it was a mistake," she added. "It was as though 'one had one's view' and the view was potentially I was in the wrong."
    Khan was found guilty of misconduct and handed a caution. In a written judgment it said she "ignored the fundamental principle of informed consent". Khan, of Hanwell, West London, admitted giving the vaccine without consent, in September 2005. Her solicitor said she apologised for causing anxiety.

    From Wikipedia,

    The MMR vaccine is a mixture of live attenuated viruses, administered via injection for immunization against measles, mumps and rubella. It is generally administered to children around the age of one year, with a booster dose before starting school (i.e. age 4/5). In the United States, the booster began in the mid 1990s. It is widely used around the world; since introduction of its earliest versions in the 1970s, over 500 million doses have been used in over 60 countries. As with all vaccinations, long-term effects and efficacy are subject to continuing study.

    By BEN CLERKIN for the femail
  2. Wow, so much for needed permission.
  3. I would be furious!!!!! That is NOT her decision to make. And what's wrong with giving it seperately anyways!?
  4. I would be furious too! That nurse have no right whatsoever going against the parent's wishes. I can't believe that nurse can be so stupid.
  5. I have a son with autism and I would sue the hell out of her personally and also where she works. That slap on the wrist in an insult to us parents. I broke up both my boys MMR shots. After more research, I have decided to vaccinate on a MUCH different schedule than is recommended here in the US. I am not at all against vaccinations, just the frequency and type given and the ingredients of the vaccine (which will shock you if you research it). People can be so stupid...arrghhh!!

  6. ^agreed.
  7. Wow, I would be furious! That was not the nurse's decision to make, it was the parents'!
  8. Yep, this is a fundamental breach of informed consent.

    You have to wonder, why is a 58 yo woman barely a 'practicing' nurse?? (Don't throw the eggs yet, I know many people go back to school later in life) I just can't imagine any nurse not understanding the fundamentals of informed consent...
  9. That really sucks for the parents.. I hope nothing happens to the girl! They should at least get some compensation for this but it doesn't feel right when the health service is already struggling.. :hrmm:
  10. I agree, the "nurse" had NO right to go against the parent's wishes.

    I hadn't heard of MMR shots possibly being the cause of autism, but I'm glad this was brought up. My son and his lady have been talking about having kids and since it seems the occurance of austism is much higher now than when I was having babies, I want them to know about this.
  11. Look into the billion dollar fund for vaccine related diseases, there are many problems with them that the govt. pays for and hides the settlement amounts.
    Every parent should do their own research on vaccines and cite religious/personal belief forms if they don't want to vaccinate for entrance in to school. In California, they can't keep a kid out of school for not being vaccinated if you sign a waiver-religous/personal belief form. Most people don't know this is their right.
  12. It's sad that the parents chose to not give the kid the vaccine, but the nurse should have honored that decision. A lot of diseases that were irradicated, like measles, are coming back because of similar parents.
  13. I completely agree.

    cola262: These parents did not decide NOT to vaccinate their daughter! They decided to split up the components of the vaccine and administer them separately. That is how it was done before the combined MMR was released. If their daughter had been vaccinated as they had requested she would still have been as protected as any other child; they just would have taken a slightly different path to the same end.

  14. She is not a 'practising nurse' she is a Practice nurse (as am I). It means you work in General Practice, not that you are practising to be a nurse.
  15. Wow...what a sad story.