Nunnla's BEs

  1. I love this bag.

  2. I cannot talk to the Madrid but I can tell you I have a BE zip around wallet and I can fit that into my CMM along with a cell phone in the outside pocket, my pen holder, lipstick and sometimes my check book as well. Holds plenty and although it is a small bag it holds a lot.
  3. Here's the off white chevre Barcelona Mini ... the off white is actually a light oatmeal color and slightly textured, with marks of distressing. It has fuchsia lining and light gold hardware. As with the full size, there are two flap closure pockets on the front, a long, deep snap pocket on the back. It can be toted when extended or carried with the messenger strap when folded over. This size is more manageable - at least for me. The measurements are listed on the BE website. I don't think they have any of this style in stock. It's one of the ones I picked up in the recent sale that wasn't posted on the site.
    TPF Front Extended.jpg TPF Front Folded.jpg TPF Back Folded.jpg TPF Leather.jpg TPF Interior.jpg
  4. Here are shots of my BFF modeling. She's about 5'6" tall and probably weighs 165.
    TPF Jan Toting.jpg TPF Jan Messenger.jpg
  5. Stay tuned ... expecting a box from Marco soon.
  6. Hi Nunnla! I only got to December 2010 (you black matte Supernova, which is my favorite so far...gorgeous and so versatile), and I have to get back to work (working from home does not always rock ;)), but I wanted to say your collection is lovely. My favorite part of your collection is how sweet your dh is with modeling and all. Happy for the two of you and really digging seeing you work your collection together.
  7. :woohoo: Can't wait to see what beauties are headed your way Larke!
  8. I also think your mini Barcelona is very lovely..looks like the size of a LMM. I'm also waiting to see your new bags ;)
  9. Bonnie...THAT must be why I am drawn to the Barcelona mini! It is about the size of my beloved LMMini or so it seems!

    Any white boxes show up yet lovely Larke??
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    Nope, not yet, but Marco is back. He's created a "popper" that is like a leather covered snap that will snap onto the one on the outside of the Paris Tote. You know how put off I was with the cloth zipper that came out of the bag top and extended down one of the exterior sides - almost all the way down to the bottom. I absolutely hated it. Supposedly it was to facilitate wider opening of the top but I didn't find that to be the case. Opened just as far without it from what I could tell. It just looked so "unfinished" - really put me off on this style. Don't know if the midi was that way. I see that Giovanna has put her Vermillion Paris Tote Midi up for sale. Couldn't tell from any of the pictures she included in the Bonz listing if that zipper is there - probably so, which is why she chose not to take any shots of that, lol. Anyway, Jackie suggested a "popper" which would be a leather covered snap that could be affixed to the snap on the exterior, so the zipper could be slithered down the inside of the bag and not extend out and snap onto the snap affixed to the exterior. In essence, the snap would "cover up" the snap on the outside. That's supposed to be shipped with my forthcoming bags. So, once it arrives, I'll send it on to the special friend who now has this bag so she can try it out.
  11. Silver Crash Florence w/dark gray lining, silver hardware. The Stamped BE logo is centered on the front flap and I had them put a slip pocket on the back.
    TPF Front.jpg TPF Back.jpg TPF Close.jpg TPF Interior.jpg
  12. Apple Sheen Bucket Bag w/caramel lining and brass hardware. I had them put the BE hole motif centered on the front panel and a row of studs around the seam line near the bottom.
    TPF Front.jpg TPF Side.jpg TPF Close Up.jpg TPF Interioir.jpg
  13. I notice you also got a bag in the Silver crash..Nice!:smile:

    ..and you Apple Green Bucket looks very 'funky' and colourful..I do like the modifications you made on the original..makes it so personal..Congrats!
  14. Those are both beautiful Larke! How does silver crash compare to pewter??
  15. Purple Patent Snake London Tote Midi w/silver hardware, silvery gray lining. Added a tassel purse charm.
    TPF Front w-tassel.jpg TPF Front.jpg TPF Close.jpg Tpf Interior.jpg