Nunnla's BEs

  1. Someone suggested that I create a new thread to post individual photos of all the bags on the table in front of me (plus the three that aren't there). So, that's what this will be. I'll add to it as I take the individual photos.
    BE for TPF.jpg Closet for TPF.jpg
  2. BEC Dark Green Crash Stroke Me Medium, gold hardware, purple lining. This leather is simply gorgeous. In the photos, the lining has a bluish cast but it's actually the color of an African Violet - a stunning color combination. Still haven't carried her yet as with the triangular shape, the medium size won't hold all my "stuff". I'm debating about "downsizing" her. I really do like the style though. Just needed the bigger size so ...
    TPF Close.jpg TPF Interior.jpg TPF Modeling.jpg TPF Top.jpg TPF Upright.jpg
  3. BEC'd this one a couple months ago. It's the larger size in the pebbled luxe pink leather with standard issue fuschia lining. However, note the interior configuration and the exterior pockets Marco centered between the bands (He didn't think it would work but as you can see ... turned out great). Gold hardware. Interior has PDA, mobile atop the zippered pocket with a bottle pocket and the front wall has the magnetic closure flap pocket (secret pocket - great for flat things like checkbooks, papers, etc).
    TPF Front.jpg TPF INterior 1.jpg TPF Interior 2.jpg TPF Modeling.jpg
  4. Mottled Gold MMS Midi, gold hardware, standard interior configuration and fuchsia lining.
    TPF MMS-Front.JPG TPF Modeling.JPG
  5. Rock Me Midi in red pebbled luxe, brass hardware, red lining.
    TPF Front.jpg TPF Modeling.jpg
  6. BEC Prince Light Blue pebbled luxe, silver hardware, light blue lining. Added magnetic closure front slip pockets w/BE hole motif. Interior has PDA, mobile pockets atop zippered pocket on back wall and flat magnetic flap closure "secret" pocket on front wall, standard messenger strap and leather lined handles.
    TPF Front.jpg TPF INterior.jpg TPF MOdeling.jpg
  7. BED Cobalt Sheen Hold Me w/light silver lining, silver hardware and zippered pocket on the front. Made handles 2 inches longer.
    TPF Front.JPG TPF Modeling.JPG
  8. Wine Pebbled Luxe Large Hug Me, gold hardware, standard interior configuration and lining.
    BE4.jpg BE1.jpg
  9. Turquoise Sheen LM w/gold hardware, standard interior configuration and fuchsia lining.
    Alberta for TPF.jpg Lola by Pool.jpg LAN at Church.jpg Front.JPG
  10. Petrol Sheen AM w/gold hardware, standard interior configuration and lining.
    TPF Modeling.jpg
  11. :faint: Amazing collection!
    Can't wait to see them all!
  12. BEC Dark Green Pebbled Luxe Enchant Me, silver hardware, silver lining. Has zippered pocket and bottle pocket on back wall and flap closure "secret" pocket on front wall.
    TPF Front.JPG TPF Modeling.JPG TPF INterior.JPG
  13. Pewter Crash Hug Me, silver hardware, standard interior configuration and lining.
    TPF Front.JPG TPF Modeling.JPG
  14. Chocolate pebbled luxe TME w/gold hardware, standard configuration with red lining.
    Front for TPF.jpg Modeling for TPF.jpg
  15. great collection, I'm waiting for more pictures :popcorn: