numerous things I don't like about Artsy

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  1. Artsy could have been a real stunning new purse.

    what I don't like about her:

    fans of Artsy don't read any further, this might hurt your feelings!

    • shoulder-strap - even with the GM it is too short to be a comfy purse on the shoulder
    • handle - round, does not stay on the shoulder
    • no zip - would have been easy to sew a zip in
    • wide bottom- too wide (the wide bottom was already my issue with Totally) the shape is not comfy and even looks kind of silly when you tuck it under your shoulder (seen from the side (narrow side). the front-look (wide side) is perfect
    it could have become the Galliera without brass-emblem.
    so it became a no-go to me.
  2. I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I happen to disagree with just about eveything you've stated.

    I don't have any issues with the handle, love it actually
    The fact that is has no zipper is no different than my NF (which is much easier for someone to steal from me if they really wanted to than this bag)

    I "LOVE" the fact that it's not like the Galliera, if I wanted a Galliera I would have purchased one two years ago.

    So I guess that just shows different strokes for different folks. Hopefully you'll find that perfect bag someday, I've already found mine:biggrin:
  3. I couldn't have agreed more with you, Annette! :biggrin:
    I LOVE mine!
  4. im sorry u feel that wat expecialy if u wer looking foward to her ..

    but i however disagree . i LVOE her ithink the bag is soo chic and typical for a hot

    evryday bag ..we must just have diffrent bag taste though bec im not a totally fan at all .
  5. I think your personal opinion on this bag is very helpful to some people who may be considering this bag. I initially loved the look of the braided handle but also wondered whether it would be comfortable and whether it would stay on the shoulder. Have you tried it on IRL?

  6. I haven't seen one IRL so it is hard to judge. HOWEVER everything you mentioned is why I haven't been lusting after one.
  7. I think it's nice how everybody has a different taste- thats what lets us see those nice varieties of LVs!
    because I personally think the artsy tends to look like a big piece of canvas hangig around .. but that was my first impression, some modeling pics actually make me like it.
  8. Only 2 things I'm concerned are like you mentioned above:

    Short handle, might be too short to carry on shoulder comfortably
    Roll handle, might not be comfortable on shoulder.

    In general, I love the look of it especially when I saw modeling pictures on tPF. I think the bag is gorgeous and chic.
  9. Some of the reasons you mentioned is why I'm waiting to play with the bag and to see how many people complain about it in a few months. It's a cute chic bag, but....

    I will say that I'm a big fan of the Galliera and the two bags do not compare - at least the Galliera looks comfortable to carry. To me they are different bags. I'm surprised at the price of the Artsy since it is canvas sewn together with no other detailing. I'm thinking the price is only because of the lining & braided handle & little bit of hardware, but still surprised at the price point.

    Someone mentioned buying the Artsy because it's not "common" (here we go with the 'common' thing again!), but I won't be surprised if we see an Artsy just as much as we see a NF, Galliera, Speedy. The Artsy may eventually be "popular" which is the word I choose to use rather than "common".
  10. lovely_bag - you make some good points but I also have my own opinions.
    I love the "look" of the handle as it is unique. I don't mind not having a zipper. There is an intereior zippered pocket for anything of value. The bottom is a little wide but not too wide for me. I'm keeping my artsy MM and happy with my decision.
  11. I don't like it either.. I prefer my nf. But it looks gorgeous on the people modeling it!
  12. The only thing I agree with in your list is the part about the handle. I don't have an Artsy, but I think that the handle might be the only thing I'm worried about. I usually don't zip my Speedies, so the zipper issue isn't a big problem for me. Very good points, though! I'm sure we all appreciate your opinion! =)
  13. I'm sorry that you don't love the Artsy. Different strokes for different folks. I understand your concern about the drop under the arm

    I found the GM to be more comfy under my arm than the MM. But again this all depends on the height, weight and opinions of the individual.

    I personally have been dreaming of the Artsy since the day I first saw it. I can't wait to make the GM mine:graucho:
  14. Sorry this bag does not work for you.

    I tried it on last weekend and I loved it, I am considering gettting one.

    I didn't find the shoulder strap a problem, since its a slouchy hobo style it seemed to work fine. The rolled handle didn't bother me either.

    If a zipper was sewn in for it to close I think it would have affected the style and the opening wouldn't fall the same way it does now. Like others have mentioned the NF is an easier style for someone to steal something from.

    I didn't even really notice the bottom when I tried it on, what size did you try?

    I agree with AAdams and I like that it's not like the Galleria. I personally am not a fan of the plate on the Galleria either but to each their own :smile:
  15. went to LV to purchase the artsy mm but changed my mind. i agree about the uncomfortable strap plus i think this kind of style will look better on leather so that it slouches more IMHO.