Numbness/tingling/pain after wisdom tooth surgery

  1. Hi everyone- I got my wisdom teeth out last Tuesday and ever since then have been experiencing a tingling numbness in my lower front teeth and from the side of my bottom lip down. My oral surgeon says this is normal- apparently the lower wisdom teeth are close to the "mandibular nerve" which controls the sensations in this area of my face. He told me to wait it out and it will get better hopefully by the end of the week. The tingling (and resulting annoyance/pain/discomfort) is getting stronger every day so I'm thinking this means that sensation in the area is starting to come back?

    Is anyone on here a dentist, or someone who has been through this before? My dentists office is closed at this hour and this tingling discomfort is driving me insane- it just will not go away!!! Ugh- Unfortunately the painkillers I was on started giving me stomach problems so I'm currently only taking Tylenol and it's really not doing anything. Any info from someone who knows or has been through this would be great!!! Any ideas on how to help reduce the pain would be great too- I've tried a heating pad and it didn't do much. Thanks!!!
  2. Oh yes, the wonderful act of having your wisdom teeth removed. I am 30 and got mine out around Feb or March of this year (when I was 29). My right lower lip and the tip of my tongue were NUMB and tingling for MONTHS. My dentist said the same thing about the nerve......remember that waiver you signed saying that you realize all the possible complications/side effects.....they had you sign it for a reason, LOL.

    Apparently, getting your wisdom teeth out in your late 20's/early 30's is NOT a good idea according to most dentists.

    I don't have any miracle solutions unfortunately. Mine was horrific because I also got a dry socket. The WORST PAIN of my entire life that I will never forget......and I have a VERY high pain tolerance.

    Hang in there sweetie! It will get better, especially at week 2 unless there are other complications.
  3. I ended up with a muscle spasm in my jaw the week after my surgery from not chewing normally so my mouth had to be forced open...the pain was terrible!
  4. I haven't got much advice to give regarding the tingling and numbness I'm afraid - but I have had all 4 wisdom teeth out, 2 with no problems and 2 with problems. What I would say is that if the pain is increasing and you can feel any kind of swelling I'd be looking for a course of antibiotics. Maybe you're on them already though. If so, what about some strong Ibruprofen tablets?

    Your have my sympathies OP, it is sometimes an unpleasant experience, and I hope everything goes back to normal soon!
  5. Oh my...I'm getting one upper wisdom tooth out next week unless I chicken out. I hope it doesn't chicken.
    Did you try a cold/ice pack? Hope you're feeling better by now.
  6. Thanks everyone soo much for the support! I'm doing better- I was definitely at the height of the tingling pain when I wrote the post and things have slowly improved. I still have tingling/pain but it's either getting better or I'm learning to ignore it:smile: I've found that anacin works a bit, so that's been good. ahh the joy of wisdom teeth!

    ^kristie- how long did it take for the sensation to come back? is it fully back? apparently nerves heal very veryyyy slowly which stinks. i'm sure you know, it's not really fun to go out to eat and have NO idea theres food all over your face b/c you can't feel anything! :nuts:

    ^lovehermes- the upper wisdom teeth havent bothered me at all, apart from the first 2 days after surgery. they weren't impacted though. But you're lucky, you don't have to worry about the numbness b/c apparently that's only an issue if you're getting out one of your lower wisdom teeth.
  7. ^I'm glad you are feeling better. The wisdom tooth that is coming out if I don't chicken out has had a root canal and a crown. It's feeling better but I am worried it will act up again.
    Oh...I did have a root canal on a lower tooth about fifteen years ago and it is starting to not feel as numb. I guess these things do take time, but this was a root canal and not an extraction.