Numbness in fingers

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  1. After I delivered, I've been experiencing a strange numbness in 2 fingers on each hand. It's like I'm wearing gloves. Did anyone else experience this post-partum and know how I can make it go away?
  2. This is probably way off base, but if you're getting headaches as well, it could be migraine-related. I get pins & needles sometimes before I get one, as does my sister in law. Otherwise, maybe a compressed nerve? Good luck and I hope some other people have more ideas.
  3. Do you have any fluid-retention problems? That's what caused this symptom with my daughter-in-law.
  4. I had that with my first child. It was on my left hand my middle finger and ring finger. I can't really remember much else, except that it went away after a while...
  5. If it is water rentention, it will go off after a while. Mine did.
  6. I had that on my pinky when I was prego. It went away as soon as I delivered
  7. It definitely happens a lot during pregnancy and is due to fluid retention putting pressure on the nerves (same with the pregnancy-related carpal tunnel.) But after delivery, you shouldn't have as much of that. Have you asked your doctor about it?
  8. Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome to me, too. It happens pretty often, particularly if you are nursing and holding your baby properly (raising the baby up to your chest, and keeping the baby up put weight on your arms and kind of stun your nerves. You should probably ask your doctor about it at your next visit. If it is carpal tunnel syndrome, using a nursing pillow so you don't always have to hold up your baby should help.
  9. I agree with yr "diagnosis". I had that too and was worried that I might not be able to carry my baby for feeding. It will go away after sometime...not to worry!
  10. Sounds like CT to me too.
    I have it in both hands. It gets worse with water retention and any kind of repetitive movements.
    You might need a brace for your wrist.
  11. Thanks ladies! Problem is, it only started after I delivered and not before. I didn't have much water retention, and even now it's only my legs. Is it still carpal tunnel?