Numbers that keep appearing in your life?

  1. Do any one of you experience seeing the same number or sequence of numbers over and over again throughout your life? I mean like every time you look at the clock its always 23 minutes after the hour or maybe you just see the number 23 posted wherever you go, etc. (23 isn't my number BTW just an example).
  2. Yes, definately! You aren't alone!
  3. YES!

    11:44 and 12:34

    See them every day.
  4. If I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, it always to be exactly on the hour...12:00, 2:00 etc.

    I also notice the time when it's 9:11...I just walked by the microwave a little while ago and it was 9:11. It happens quite frequently.
  5. The house my DH grew up in was 1148. Whenever he checks the time it is often 11:48. Or a building or house he happens to park near is 1148....wierd.
  6. A lot of times I would give out change or recieve change totalling $6.66. That was always interesting.
  7. don't have any marks on your forehead do you?:lol:
  8. Every time I look at the clock/watch etc., the minutes are more times than not, 51.

    Did you guys see "23" with Jim Carrey?
  9. no! I always wondered what that movie was about. did you see it?
  10. I don't but my Bf is always going on about he see the same number same number all the time when checking what time it is so for example he'll see 1:11, 3:33 etc etc not a specific time he see's just the same numbers for both hours and minutes.

    Is this supposed to mean anything??
  11. haha... you all should see the Jim Carrey movie "23"

    ..cues the twighlight zone music....

  12. i remember reading something about angels being around you when you see 111. its how they let you know they're with you....i like that
  13. i see 626 a lot and i have at times woken up at 2:11am
  14. OMG... I just opened this thread and it's 11:11 on my computer and phone... and I didn't check the time or anything before :wtf:
  15. :yes: Me too. But maybe it's because I'm subconsciously aware of it. My birthday is June 6th so the numbers 6 in general have a way of creeping into my head!