Number of baby clothes to buy

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  1. Hi,

    I just want to ask how many dozens of clothes do you need for a newborn until 6months? I've already started shopping and I think that I did not buy enough clothes for the baby.

  2. Great question! I'm in the same boat as you..and I don't know how much of each month I should buy as well!
  3. me too, i'm curious as well!
  4. well....i was told to not buy alot of baby clothes cause they grow so fast apparently plus ull get alot as gifts... but whenever i see something i like... i just buy it in 3-6 or 6-9 cause i was also told that if u plan on swaddling the baby (like i am) , u cant really see the clothes so its really just a waste... so i guess get a few onesies ..robes..pyjammas.. im sure u can find a guide on a good pregnancy website somewhere
  5. My little guy grew so fast, he literally only wore probably 12 out of the 40 outfits that were newborn, and 0-3 months. He's 5 1/2 months and already in 9 months clothes :shocked: So I wouldn't get too excited (like I did) and buy dozens of little tiny cute clothes, because they won't be able to wear them LOL. But I recommend buying lot of footed Jammies. My DS lives in them, except for whenever we go out ;)
  6. Here's a tip I have learned from many friends and many times baby sitting lol

    Buy the diaper vests that have snaps all down the front NOT the ones that go over the head (onesies) when your little one makes a mess you won't have to pull the mess right over his/her head. Think about it would you want someone pulling a poopy shirt over your head lol
  7. Good tip thanks!
  8. I've never had kids but when my aunt had her first she bought so much/got so many as gifts that for her second, she had to tell people NOT to buy newborn clothes as she still had an entire closet of NWT clothes from her first!
  9. Don't buy too much because they will just grow out of it in a few weeks! I also wouldn't suggest buying newborn sizes either, because most babies will only fit in those (if at all) for the first week or so. Our daughter didn't even fit in them!

    Definitely agree about snap down onsies or ones that snap on the side:

  10. You know, we bought only a few outfits because we got so many presents! For our next kid, we're not buying anything since he gets so many clothes from family and friends.

    I loved onesies. They make the collars really stretchable, so if he did make a mess, you can pull it down towards his booty vs. up. There's no mess that way. It's way easier than buttoning up all of those tiny buttons- esp when they start to get mobile.
  11. wait until after your shower and then "fill the gaps" yourself... you'll save a fortune on clothes!

    I cant follow my own advice though, i've been spending like a freak. Trying to get bigger sizes though like 6 months etc.
  12. One of my girlfriends who just had her baby told me DON'T wash everything when you get it and HOLD ONTO all the gift receipts! That way if you don't use them you can just exchange them :smile: I guess A LOT of stuff ends up not being used.
  13. I don't think I could actually truly put a definite # on it. . .
    but I can tell you the first several weeks the baby wil be living in gowns/sleepers.
    I am completely out of control when it comes to buying my kids' clothes so I'm probaly not a good advice giver for it.
  14. These are the best because you don't have to fight with the baby to get them over their heads. My 2 month old is still too little for her 0-3 clothes so we are still using her newborn clothes. She has big feet though so she has already grown out of a lot of her shoes (everyone knows about my shoe addiction so I got lots of shoes, I wish I had saved the receipts for those).

    With PJ's shouldn't they fit perfectly because if they are too big they may block their airways?
  15. found this guide...

    Hospital bag for your Baby

    • 6 x bodysuits
    • 6 x all in ones
    • 2 x cardigans
    • 2 x pairs of scratch mitts
    • 2 x hats
    • 4 x bibs
    • 1 x blanket
    • 1 x Jacket or pramsuit (outwear)
    • 1 x pack of newborn nappies (approximately 8 per day), nappy bags small pot of nappy cream
    • Cotton wool or fragrance-free baby wipes
    • Baby wash and shampoo
    • Outfit to travel home
    i found this on a website as well ""

    "Basic layette consists of: a half dozen undershirts and onesies, non-flammable sleepers/rompers (with covered feet), a couple of gowns, at least four pairs of socks or booties, a couple of sweaters, a light jacket, pants/tops, 2 hats/caps or bonnets (knitted for winter; brimmed for summer), 4-6 receiving blankets, buntings and snowsuits (for colder climates), and absorbent bibs.

    After you have your basic layette, you should be okay for at least a few weeks. What to buy after that time depends mainly on your baby's growth spurts and also your budget. Not everyone can afford to buy brand-new clothes every few weeks. If your baby is progressing as most do, you should expect to buy larger sizes of clothing (including diapers) every few months. Buying even 9 to 12 month sized clothes on clearance when your baby is only three months old can save you a lot of money.

    You will want to buy clothes for both playtime and for special occasions. When it comes to fancy and frilly special-event outfits for baby girls, make sure the material isn't scratchy and that it doesn't get in the way of regular activities."