Nui Long Tube Dress

  1. Anyone has one? I'm looking to get one and wanted to hear about them like are they super long or show pudge on the body (haha :roflmfao:)... Thanks!!
  2. i do not have one (i'm way too busty), but i've seen them irl and they are gorge. super lightweight...

    i don't think they're super long. i'm about 5'2 and i'd easily fit in one length-wise. i highly doubt they show flaws because of the sack look, but they fall nicely on the girls i've seen wear them.

    here's a great boutique where they stock them:

    feel free to call the girls, and ask questions. they're great with clients! i think they take online returns sans s/h.
  3. ^ thanks so much! I'm busty too, a DD... would that be too much for it, I saw jessica simpson in it and she is around a D or so.... but she looked great :smile:
  4. do you have the pics of jessica in the dress? i am curious to see it on her...

    i am a 36ddd/f in le mystere, and i could never imagine wearing the nui dress. it would look ridiculous on me. i'm small, but my boobs are huge, so this emphasizes that fact. a dd might be overwhelming...

    best to order it and see. maybe you can find it on another site with free shipping that way you aren't out that money???
  5. july_2_07_r1_c1[1].jpg

    I found a place that has it for $220 and for 20% off you can use the code "toutie" not a bad deal :smile:
  6. Wow those are prettyyy! :heart:
  7. What website please? :smile:
  8. looks great on all sizes! nicole looks great and so does jessica.

  9. :smile:
  10. ^^ Thanks. They look so comfy, I'm gonna get one.
  11. fiji- i think it looks hot on her! the fabric is tdf, so i'd definitely give it a shot if it's your taste.
  12. Ohhh, so pretty! I think with styles like this the condition of your breasts is probably more important than size. If you have large breasts and need support it probably wouldn't work but if you have pre-baby breasts (like Jessica), or fake breasts it looks awesome.

  13. ^ Lol

    well I saw a picture that had a women that was size 14 with big boobs who had the dress on and looked great and a size 0 without boobs that looked great too so I can always wear a srapless bra if my ladies need support! lol
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]
  15. Damn you're right! She's rockin' that dress!