Nuface: Looking for Feedback

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    Do any of you use the NuFace? What do you think of it? I am experiencing some normal age-related sagging in my face. At this point, it is probably more noticeable to me than to others, but I want to slow things down a bit! I'm not expecting any miracles, and I'm sure Ultherapy or some other non-surgical treatment would get more dramatic results. But for now, I'm willing to try a gadget if others have had good experiences with it. Comments about other gadgets are also welcome!
  2. Look what came today! Anyone use and have info to share?
  3. Congrats on your purchase! I recently bought a NuFace device too but haven't had much of a chance to use it. Your post inspired me to get it back out. I'm looking forward to hearing your results!
  4. I had been watching this forever and finally took the plunge, I am hoping it really helps with my eye area the most. I think I have watched every video made on this lol! Let me know how you progress!
  5. Hi ladies,

    I purchased a mini NuFace toning device from Sephora about a month ago and I have been using it once a day since I got it. However, I haven't seen any visible improvement yet. Have any of you used it before? How long does it take to see improvements? I am debating if I should return it.

    TIA! :smile::smile:
  6. Hi. I'd like to know if people like it. Does it work?