Nude Very Prive With Gold Tip Available 38!!!

  1. I have these- they are stunningly gorgeous! Someone get them quick!
  2. I have them too, but have yet to wear them. I haven't worn any of my nudes for some reason and I absolutely love them all. I don't know what my problem is. Well, living in Ohio instead of South Beach this winter may be one. LOL
  3. ash - you're so sweet to post these. one day they'll be available in a 37.5 and i will definitely pounce!
  4. I can't wait for the size 39 to come back, I need it bad!
  5. wow these are already gone!
  6. Ash- you're such a sweetheart for posting these.
  7. Awww man!!!!! I could have done a 38 and squeezed my foot into them! lol
  8. Aww, I missed them. :sad: I hope someone here got these gorgeous babies!! :smile:
  9. Ashakes, you are such a doll to post these. May you have wonderful shoe karma. One day I hope to own these shoes!
  10. I missed out too..thx for posting!!!

    I hope one day i can do this :yahoo:regarding these shoes.
  11. darnnn!! i neeeed these
  12. lol I hope so too.

    No problem ladies. I hope one of you scored them. They were gone pretty quickly after I posted. I went to go check on the status of some orders and pre-orders and there they were. Is it sad I have them already and I was hoping they were my size? LOL I strangely wanted two pairs so I had the other as a backup. haha
  13. It's amazing that a pair of the nude vps showed up. I hope someone from tPF got them!
  14. Any word yet on whether or not the lucky gal is a tpfer? I hope so!