Nude Simple 85

  1. I had posted earlier about about my shoes and there were some requests for pictures. i didn't know how to load them on my original post so i made a new thread. sorry!

    as requested!!

    i ordered mine online from Saks. black is all sold out. and size 5.5 fits perfectly!! i can't really do high high heels but this is just perfect. loveeee them!
  2. They look great on you. Congrats again.
  3. The simples look great, but they almost look like the beige or camel in the pictures... Or maybe its just my monitor?!:shrugs:
  4. ^Yep same here. They look great on you though! Glad they fit you well.
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Really lovely they look great on your foot but I wonder about the color as well, does the box say nude ? They do look more beige/camel to me.
  7. GORGEOUS shoes, enjoy!
  8. Actually, I have the same pair that I got from Saks. Mine says beige on the box.
  9. They do look beige- my nude simples are much lighter!

    Gorgeous shoes though! Enjoy them!