Nude Pumps Or Black Peep Toe Pumps to go with this black Dress??

  1. Nude!
  2. Camel... I have the same shoes and thats what I would wear.
  3. Silver shoes but nude.
  4. If the black didn't have the white polka dots I would say black as the sequins at the top have a bit of black in them. For some reason I do not think wearing the camel decollettes with that dress will look put together well. I think a black patent shoe or black or silver strappy sandals would look good.
  5. Nude since your dress has a lot of interest up near your face, where you want to keep it! Your legs will look a mile long!
  6. :tup: I totally agree with everything you said. Anything black or silver, strappy or not, will go very well with this dress, just as long as there are no other colors going on with the shoes.
  7. =( That's a shoe that i don't have....a black Patent pump =( nor do I have any silver strappy shoe...I'm not a fan of strappy sandals/heels unless it's necessary or really formal like for a ball or wedding.... I have these black coverd platform bebe pumps (round toe)which are HORRIBLE UNCOMFORTABLE so it is not an option for me...however just out of it the sequined part of the dress that would make it not look right w/ the camel decolletes?? i havent tried it together yet as i ordered the dress..hopefully i'll get it by tomorrow though...

    thank you for your opinions everyone!
  8. ^^Mostly b/c of the black and white sequins, but also b/c the dress is gray. Gray is best with black, silver or even red.
  9. Exactly!
  10. I agree with most of the others. I think that dress is too sexy for polka dots. Are the shoes nude or camel? You said they were camel, which are light but I don't think as light as the nude. There are tons of pretty silver shoes that are not too strappy. I think black patent or silver. Can you find some sexy silver or muted silver pumps? That would look great and you could waer the shoes with so much else as well.
  11. Ok one more thing,sorry. I understand strappy does not always work well. If you are like me, I need to wear very sheer hose so that would not be a good choice for me. I have such pale legs! Some people don't like showing so much foot.If the shoes are nude, that may look great, not sure about camel. Can you post a pic of the CL's?Your shoes need to be elegant and not too fussy with that dress. I think every girl should invest in a silver or gold shoe she feels confortable in for times just like this. Let me know what you decide. I feel your pain!! It's a cute dress.
  12. I think nude or red would look fantastic!
  13. OHh sorry to confuse anyone, I got this dress in BLACK...I think you can click the black swatch and it will change the dress to black...
  14. I vote for nude pumps.