Nude pumps and skin tone

  1. I know nude pumps look great on olive, tanned and darker skin tones (my friend looks hot with her nude patents and her dark legs). But do they look OK on light skin? Or does it wash skin out?

    I've tried on a few pairs and think they look alright, but maybe those tricky store mirrors are deceiving me? :confused1:
  2. thanks. i'm probably just being paranoid :smile:
  3. I don't really like the nudes on my skin tone
  4. ^ ms p - these are great.

    I am also fair skinned and I would easily wear nude - love the colour tone. In fact I am searching for a great outfit in nude right now...
  5. I think nude is leg-lengthening on anyone. They are almost universally flattering.
  6. I'm different. Because I'm dark-skinned, I consider "nude" to be shades of brown, specifically those that match my skin tone more directly, instead of much-lighter shades. I always considered the term "nude" or "flesh" in some circles to be absolutely absurd. The shoes I have on today are a copper-colored (but not metallic) brown, and I consider them to be nudes, because I automatically call "nudes" whatever is closest to one's skin tone. Just get some shoes that are similar to your skin tone and call them nudes, and it will work out okay.

  7. Excellent point! :smile:
  8. IMO nude fits people with yellow or olive skin tones best. For pink skin tones, it's better to go with a colour that is cool also, like black, red, dark brown, etc.
  9. I think nude looks best on warm skin tones, eg olive
  10. I agree.

    If nude means something that matches someones skin tone, it looks great on everyone IMO. For me nude would be something very light, maybe a bit pinkish, cause I'm pale (w/ cool undertones) and yes, nude like that suits me. For someone w/ yellow undertones or darker skin, some other nude color might be better. :smile: