Nude Pigalle Plato -- would you try to make it work?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I know that fit and comfort has been discussed extensively, so my apologies for the repetition.

    I absolutely love the Pigalle Plato in Nude and managed to order online from BG in a size 38. I read online that it ran a size large so I prayed I could make it work since I run anywhere from a US 6-7. Well, it may run large but I don't think so. I am able to fit my index finger comfortable between my foot and the back of the shoe. So, I think I have to size down to a 37 or at least a 37.5.

    Problem-- It seems like nude CL's in small sizes are really really hard to find here in the US. I am afraid if I return the 38s, I won't be able to find them in a 37. Should I just keep them and try to make it work with insoles, heel grips, and lambs wool in the toe?

    I am currently doing this with my New Simple pumps in a size 37. I have to admit, it is a pain. Usually 2 hours into wearing it, the leather stretches and I have to stuff more tissue or lambs wool into the toe box. I'm thinking the patent in the pigalle plato's might not give as much, but it is a pain to have to go through such a hassle.

    What do you think
  2. If you have that much room in the shoe, I think you should return them or exchange them for a smaller size (if BG has it). It'd be better for you to have a shoe that fits you right (or at least close to it) rather than not as you may end up not wearing them as often as you like (or not at all) because of the improper fit! It'd be a shame to spend that much on shoes that you never wear. :sad:

    If it ran a size large, then you should have gone down a size, not up a size. It sounds like you need at least a 37, if not 36.5 even.
  3. I agree with blackbird. There must have been some confusion... when a style runs large (e.g., Pigalle Plato), that means you should size DOWN, not up. If you are a US 6-7, there is no way a Pigalle Plato in 38 can work. I am a US 6-6.5, and from what I've gathered, my Pigalle Plato size is 35.
  4. I can confirm this; but I went a 1/2 size down and did a 37 and I may actually be able to do a 36.5 in the Pigalle Plato and, when I am about to actually buy them, I will try on a 36.5 to see.

    If you can, I would return them
  5. I am normally a size 7.5, most Louboutins run "small" meaning that they are smaller than average shoes, therefore I would have to size "up" and get a size 38. The pigalle plato on the other hand, happens to run "large" meaning that they are larger than the average shoe, therefore you will have to buy a size smaller than what you normally wear.
    I purchased my pigalle platos in size 37 and they are a great fit for me. I highly recommend that you return your current shoes and start your hunt for a pair of size 36. For that much money it isn't worth struggling with a pair of ill fitting shoes. I'm sure your size will turn up eventually, and that way the shoes will feel even more special.
  6. Return them and try to find the right size. They are a new model and not that limited - you will track down a pair I am sure.
  7. Oops, I might that they run a size small, according to what I read online, but believe you me, they don't. 38 was all BG had online.

    Thanks, I know it would be a shame to have a pair of shoes just sit there. They're so pretty though.
  8. Thanks. I guess I have to go with the "if it's meant to be, it's meant to be" shopping motto. They are lovely shoes, lucky you ;)
  9. Thanks ladies. I know the "right" and practical thing to do. I will pack them up and ship them back to BG. They're just so pretty!!:cloud9:

  10. Did you read that here or somewhere else? The sizing thread on tpf is pretty clear that the higher heeled Pigalle (regular 120, Plato, etc.) consistently runs large. The ladies here are pretty helpful with sizing if you ever have questions :yes:
  11. I read it on net-a-porter ( So, when it appeared magically on BG online in only a size 38, I figured I could possibly make it work. I read that Pigalle's ran large so I was hoping that maybe the Pigalle Plato ran small and that net-a-porter was right.
  12. Thank you. Do you have any issues with heel slippage? Right now, I had to do all that with my New Simple Pumps, but since they stretch as I walk around, I'm stuck with carrying around extra lambswool in my purse. One time I forgot and I had to stuff bathroom tissue into my shoes and since it was a movie theater bathroom, they carried the cheap stuff. It was rather painful.
  13. It's a great motto to have and will help you from getting too down on yourself. I had that with the pigalle finzi and managed to find a pair a few weeks ago on eBay in my size (along with a pair of Dior gaucho sandals in my size a few months ago). I'm using that with the gwenissima also as I have come across a few that were half a size too big, but I think that if I'm meant to have them, then they'll pop up one day in my size.

    And of course there are new shoe designs coming out all the time too. :smile:
  14. Well we all have different feet, maybe you just have narrow heels causing the slippage? I've been walking around in my Pigalles these days at home just to test them out in case they're still too big, then I'd take them to my cobbler to do some permanent fixing. However, they feel great. No slippage, no falls, no accidents :p