Nude photo gets Bothell HS cheerleader kicked off squad

  1. I'm a little confused about the bolded parts. Is the father saying he knew about the nude pics of his 16 year old daughter and either took them or condoned it?
  2. wow, haha, I know where Bothell HS is, lol.

    But seriously, what is the father talking about? She was kicked off the squad for having nude pics sent around, which is evidently against policy. Why is he talking about illegal activities and governments like shes being charged with a crime?
  3. I agree with that attorney. The ones who are in possession of the photos should be punished as well.
  4. My question refers to the two quotes from the father.

    Is he saying he doesn't see anything illegal about someone taking nude photos of his 16 year old daughter as long as it was done inside their own home?

    Or is he saying something else?
  5. I got the impression he was saying that things that go on in his home are separate from what activity is punishable by the school because it didn't occur on school grounds and was not related to the school in any way. I can kind of understand his point.
  6. Yeah, I think that's what he's trying to get at, although I don't think he expressed it very well.

    From what I remember of the athletes in high school, both male and female, a lot of them were badly behaved. Particularly the male ones - lots of drinking and other teenage debauchery. The fact that they're punishing a female student for a picture she didn't take, didn't distribute, and was probably very embarrassing for her when it came out seems kinda sexist to me - I doubt the male athletes are punished as stringently for their questionable hobbies. I know the ones in my high school weren't, and that seems to be typical of most schools. Obviously the article doesn't address this issue, but if this is an average high school, I doubt the rules are enforced fairly. Male athletes get away with a lot, typically.
  7. if it were my daughter I would kick her ass!!!
  8. I know. Isn't it sickening? I think it's like that all across the board...perhaps even worse on the college level.

    I feel bad for her. How humiliating.
  9. I feel bad for the poor girl, shes probably sooo mortified. I totally feel like shes the victim here. I also don't think her punishment should be through the school, In my opinion, once the school found the photos they should have contacted the girls parents and let them deal with it. This now involves the whole school.

    I hope the parents have the decency to let her switch schools if she wants to.
  10. What is it with teenage girls and nude pics today? You would think people would learn that they usually end up backfiring.
  11. "Accidentally sent?" Yeah, right.
  12. I don't feel sorry for the girl. If you're going to take a nude photo, you better be prepared for the possible consequences.

    And I'm pretty sure in my high school, the male athletes would've been punished just the same. They had strict guidelines if they wanted to stay on their teams. Although I can't speak for the likelihood of the football team taking nude photos of each other and passing them around school.
  13. I actually feel sorry for the poor girl. I agree with some of the posts above that she's actually the victim. And ironically, she's the one who got punished..
  14. Always had my suspicions of jocks. ;)
  15. what is the father talking about?

    Did HE take the photo?