nude patent yoyo's

  1. i just got a pair of python yoyo's with the sculpted 85mm heel and they are extremely comfortable. Can anyone tell me where I can find nude patent yoyo's with the sculpted 85 mm heel? I know someone here can help.
    BTW Saks New York has the yoyo's with the staright 110mm heel.
  2. Where did you get the pythons? I have nude yoyo's but not the 85 heel, which I would have prefered. Mine are 100 I think. I got mine at the CL Boutique in BH.
  3. can i get the sku for the 100 mm yoyos for Saks?
  4. i got the python yoyo's on sale from saks last week. they were a return and i got them with double points. i know i can't wear a much higher heal.
  5. i didn't buy the 110mm yoyos you will have to call the store and ask.
  6. i wish i could help. i just have to say i am insanely jealous that you found the python yoyos on sale. i have been bugging my SA for a month for them and would literally give a body part to find them in my size. so lucky!
  7. I have the nude patent yoyo's with the sculpted 85 heel you're right they are very easy to walk in. I bought them at the CL store in Paris a week ago. I don't know if you want to call them the phonenumber is on the website (try both stores) they were 395 euros
  8. I hope you're able to find them. The YoYo in 85 is so easy to walk in - I have the python ones, as well :nuts: Great shoe! I saw the nude patent 110mm at Saks, but I haven't seen the 85mm around - only in dark red, black greasepaint and pewter greasepaint.
  9. I would love a pair in the 85 mm! I can walk in 100 mm and have 3 heels that high but I am 5'10" and my husband is 5'8", so if I wear them with him he gets a complex, LOL.