nude patent yoyos!!

  1. hi guys!

    does anyone know where i can find a pair of CL nude patent yoyos in a 37 (i normally wear a 36.5)! i love these shoes so any direction you can point me in would be great!!! i read that there is two different kind of heels on the's more straight while the other is thinner, slightly curved? i would prefer the straighter one but either way i want it badly!! TIA!!
  2. Saks can locate one for you. they are readily available. don't turn to eBay. eBay prices are $800 when the shoe normally costs $540
  3. i have the exact pair. i got them from Saks Boca Raton FL, try your luck there! i think they might still have some lurking around :graucho: good luck
  4. The nude patent yoyo is currently available at saks, but I know that sizes are limited. There are 2 different heels on the yoyos - the straight 110mm heel which I think are much nicer than the curved 100mm heel.
    Saks can try locating them for you through locator.

    Sunny - the price actually recently increased from $540 to $570 for the nude patent yoyo. The exchange rate is killing us!

    I have a pair, and I have to tell you that they are the most amazing shoes ever created. You would never think it just looking at them on display since the color seems so drab, but once you slip them on your feet they are just beautiful. They make your legs look like they go on for miles. I was searching for this shoe for months literally, and when I finally found them at Saks about a month ago, I ended up buying 2 pairs because I knew that they would sell out again, so now I have a backup! Crazy I know.
  5. i got these shoes from Saks also, they are fabulous!!! i love the color. just call a Saks store and the SA can locate a size for you, good luck!
  6. these are my fav CLs at the moment
  7. I purchased mine at Saks as well. Try not to resort to eBay...prices always go way up so people can make a little cash. :tdown:
  8. Does anyone have the item number so they can be located or where can i find it?

    also if i was a 38 for calf leather very prive what would i be in a patent yoyo or nude patent very prive?
  9. I do not have the item number, but I saw them at Saks in NYC a couple of weeks ago.
    You would be a 38 in both. I am the same size for all the shoes you mentioned. I have the nude patent yoyo, nude patent very prive, black patent very prive and black calf leather very prive and they are all the same size.
  10. Thanks - the only thing is that i live in Australia. I tried Saks chat online and they said i had to go instore, they dont sell those that right?

    I LOVE :heart:your collection...all the shoes i want!!!!