nude patent yoyo 85,100,or 110?

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  1. Hello all,

    What size heel should I get?
    These will be my first CL's and I want to get the most use out of them.
    I have several weddings to go to so I would need them for an evening dress but also want to wear them out on the town with a pair of jeans..

    I love the look of the 110mm but I wondering if I could even walk in them!

    So I need some help girls!

  2. I vote for 110s! :love:

    It also depends on what length your jeans are and which height better suits the majority of your inseams. (I, for example, have jean inseams very specific to wearing heels 3" or above; and then there are a couple to fit shorter wedges/heels.)

  3. Your right.
    I think I would buy a pair of jeans just for these shoes!! LOL
  4. 110's!!! Just got mine and im in love!!!
    Ill try to post model pics for you. I have not worn them because its been really cold out.
  5. OMG
    you must post pics!
    btw should I go half a size up from my reg size?
  6. I went down a half size.
  7. Stinas, would that be 1/2 down from your normal CL size? Did you do this for your other Yoyos as well? Thanks! :smile:

  8. oooh good tip, I think I just bought from you on fleabay.
  9. I had to go up 1/2 a size from y usual VP size which I consider my usual CL size.
  10. Hot!
    Thank you soo much.
    Are they hard to walk in? I guess I would just have to get used to it because they are just too hot!
    Now..did you go up half a size from your regular shoe size? I am not really familiar with CL's these would be my FIRST :yahoo:
  11. I like the look of the 110 best.
  12. If you can try these on first now if not and this can be of any help, I am a true 38.5 in CL's I take a 39 in the Very Privé and N° Privé a 40 in the ariella booties (since very high 130 and I prefer roomy boots). I am a 39.5 in simples and got the yoyo's 110 in 39 but they were really too tight (made the part after my toes look wrinkly) I have them coming in 39.5 I got the 85 yoyo's in 39.5 they are a little too big but I think will be ok in summer + gel inlays..........that's rather detailed but to show you that CL sizing is not consistant.
  13. The 110s are hot :drool: !
  14. Thank you soo much.
    I am unable to try them on since they don't even carry the yoyo's at David's or Holt's right now in Toronto.
    I'm gonna cross my fingers and purchase the 38.5's if I can find them. I am a size 8 in regular shoes sometimes a 7.5....
  15. My vote is for 110s~ I just got some, and will post pics at the end of the week!