Nude patent VP size 39 on ebay!!! WAY expensive though :(

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  1. My heart aches for these shoes. I want them so badly I could cry. I just cannot spend this kind of money on them. I know they are impossible to find. I hope someone here gets them.


    I just noticed them in 39.5 too.
  2. Yeah, if there was ever a shoe that I wanted so badly I do not know if I could pay above retail for them. Never say never, but the retail price of CL is already so high I don't know if I could do it. lawchick I would wait to find a more reasonably priced one.
  3. How odd. The second link now brings up a different pair of shoes by the same seller.

    I just noticed that this seller has several pairs in different sizes and that they have a STARTING bid of $999.99!!! I thought that was a BIN price. That is insane! I want to see if they sell and for how much.
  4. They have sold in the past.
  5. Sorry to divert from the topic but i really want to know if this style/colour is a standard item...will Saks have it again in a few months time?

    I really want this shoe too but i won't pay eBay prices for it (not yet anyway).
  6. Do you know how much they sold for? I'm just curious.
  7. I have seen the nude very prive sell anywhere from $800 to 1K+. Keep in mind that current retail is $770 excluding tax, but it was $690 not too long ago. I'm sure the price will increase in upcoming seasons, if not this spring/summer.

    I'm fairly positive the pigalles went from $540 to $610 if I remember correctly what my SA said last week.

    So, who knows what the very prive will go to...
  8. All CL prices are going up for cruise, and again for Spring. Styles that you always see, classic carryover items like Very Prive, Simples, Yoyos have all seen a recent price increase, and there will be another one in the upcoming seasons. My GF is a buyer at Saks and she told me that there will be some drastic increases coming up. It is so sad, I can't see how much more expensive CLs are going to get.
  9. ^ o wow that's insane! another reason to buy NOW! hehehehe
  10. ugh..that really sucks! I understand it though as the demand is higher, but it sucks for those of us who have to scrape money together to just afford a pair. It's not like the quality is getting any better or anything either.

    Although at the same time, the prices from legit sellers on eBay may stay the same as people will be more apt to buy from them if it's cheaper than buying from the stores (even if they sell it at the "old" retail prices).
  11. ^^^Yes, especially if it saves you on tax, etc.