Nude Patent Simples

  1. Hi Ladies
    Apparently Mario's in Portland and Seattle will be carrying nude patent leather simples, 70mm heel in the spring!
  2. How about 85mm or 100mm???

    Thanks for posting!
  3. Hello! I am from Portland, OR!! That's so cool! ;)

    I think 85mm is the best heel for simples ;yes:
  4. ooooo i sooo need those!!!
  5. This is a yes!
  6. c'monnnn 85mm!
  7. wow i wonder if anyone else is getting the nude patent we know if the CL boutiques will???

  8. I second this!!!
  9. When did you change your avator??? Is this your dog?? Cutie!! No more shoes? Tough call, dog or shoes, you see who won for mine!
  10. Yep, he's my baby. His name is Ravioli, "Ravi" for short. He's an overgrown Toy Fox Terrier. lol He's suppose to be 10 pounds, and he's more like 18. But he is the sweetest little boy in this whole wide world - oh yes he is! Oh sorry, got a little carried away there. lol!!!
  11. Aww he looks so cuddly. :amuse:
  12. I do the same thing! We watched underdog the other night and I keep telling my Raleigh that she is much cuter than underdog. She so knows she is cute!! Yes um duz!! :heart:
  13. Look, this is him getting up with us to open Christmas gifts (at 6am!). The picture in my avatar is 5 minutes after this picture. lol
    Christmas07 001 467x350.jpg
  14. and this is when he was finally awake to open his gifts...
    Christmas07 028 467x350.jpg
  15. LOL! How cute.

    There is very few things I love more than CLs, and my dog is one of them. :love: