nude patent simples instore when?

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any idea when the nude patent simples will be released?

    I have a pair on order but they dont know when they are arriving and I'm trying to figure out if I can afford another pair of shoes in the mean time :upsidedown:
  2. Hmmmmmm in Paris I was told aroud march, I am on a waitlist too, but I think you guys in the US get them sooner.
  3. In the UK they're already in store... so maybe soon???
  4. ^^^ Whereabouts? Selfridges?
  5. ^^^ In Harrods. I *think* with the 100mm heel.

    I did not see them myself though - I rang up to enquire what nude patents they had in general and the SA said they had these in.
  6. :yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Urgh....Harrods.....why couldn't it have been Selfridges :yucky: Have any of you British gals noticed how crappy the buying has been in the Selfridges shoe department? I don't know what Kurt Geiger are doing!!
  8. I'm based in Manchester and the CLs in the Selfridges here are a really poor and random selection. There is nothing to tempt me, which I why I've been ringing Harrods and Harvey Nics. I have always found the SA's at both very helpful to deal with phone enquiries about stock and mail orders.
  9. Think I'll pay a trip to Harvey Nicks then. I prefer to shop where I have an account card and as Harrods cancelled theirs I'm sticking with HN and Selfridges