Nude patent simple or white patent pigalle 100?

  1. i'm searching for a perfect spring/summer heels. just saw white patent pigalle 100 last night, but they don't have my size. it's cruise collection according to the SA. on the other hand, i'm waitlisting for the nude patent simple too. which one would you choose if you can only get one, and why? thanks :p
    i only have one patent sandals and no nude shoes...
  2. I have not seen either in person, but I am usually not a fan of white pumps. They might look better in patent than the kid leather white heels I have seen, but I would probably choose the nude patent simple. If someone has a pic of the white patent pig, please post.
  3. I'd go for nude patent over white patent. White is harder to pull of IMO.
  4. I do like white shoes when they are open toe and in summer with a nice tan, but I do like the nude patent even more so I would definately get those!
  5. I like white pumps, but I prefer the nude more.
  6. I like the nude patent simples better.
  7. nude simples sound better to me!
  8. Nude simple pumps, patent.
  9. Nudes all the way!
  10. I prefer nude patent over white and Simple over Pigalle 100. ;)
  11. I actually happen to love white shoes. I think they make an outfit look sharp, but they are hard to maintain clean, and I hate a dirty white shoe! But if it is one or the other, I think you will get more use out of the patent nude (which is divine) vs the white.
  12. I don't like white shoes, so I would go with the nude.
  13. I would say the nude simple. White shoes normally don't seem to work imho, unless they are strappy sandals of some type.
  14. Another nude here!