Nude Patent Shoes

  1. Hi Guys
    Does anyone know of a shoe brand that is a nude patent colour? there were a shoe from CL but of course, they sold out.
  2. oh those are beautiful. I would love to have closed if possible so i can wear them all year round! thanks again!
  3. Nine West had some nice pairs

  4. I bought the Nine West ones and they had a comfort padding inside. I could walk around all day! I think they were on sale for $59.99. It's a steal...
  5. Manolo made a new patent leather shoe. I just tried them on at the Barney's outlet outside of San Antonio. Don't know if they are still there, since I tried them 2 1/2 weeks ago, but you may try calling them.
  6. i have the nine west ones also, and always get complimented on them :smile:
  7. check macys for the nine west ones i just got them they are great closed toe pumps
  8. i checked macy's online and they had these pink patent ones but they were open toed.
    Is that the one you guys are referring to?
    im not from the US so i have to order everything online.
  9. oh wow!!!!! those are so beautiful!! but nine west only ship within the US :sad::sad::sad:
  10. has these Manolos . I've seen a strappy nude sandal from Manolo that is really pretty but I can't find it online now.