NUDE patent heels

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Can I wear any other color nylon besides flesh?

  1. yes! It's all in the outfit!

  2. no....what are you thinking???

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  1. I bought a pair of FABULOUS 4" nude patent heels and I need a little advice....besides flesh color nylons, would you ladies say its ok to wear another trouser sock/nylon with them? (Chicago winter mean I cant go bare!) Black, navy, white (depending on my outfit) :confused1::confused1:

  2. I think colored stockings would distract from the beauty of the nude color.
  3. sorry i read this question wrong. yeah i wouldn't wear any other color with nude heels
  4. yes.. me too.. cause when you paired it with other color it will kill nude color..
  5. oooohhhh good point
  6. Are they Cl's.. or another brand? I'm on the hunt for nude patent myself!
  7. actually they are oh deers (praline, color taupe)- i gave up on ever getting a hold of the CL's, which I figured was fine I'd rather wear these to work. I recommend them!
  8. AAGH! Those were on my list... but they're sooo difficult to find right now. meh. I'm hoping the nude patent will continue to be big. :| But thanks for responding! :smile:
  9. has them right now in all sizes. I just got the size 7 delivered last week. HTH!
  10. i wish I had known about! I got mine somewhere else and got an 8...i wear a 7! I figured since they are so hard to find i would take what i could get and stuff/pad the heck outta them!
  11. My bad, I read the question wrong as well, I wouldn't really wear any other color but thats just me. I'll have to check out the oh deers. Thanks!
  12. I think they would look good with nude coloured stockings and navy stockings... I love navy + nude, but that may just be me :smile:
  13. ohhh navy and nude!!! i think i'll try that!!!!!
  14. I think with the right outfit, black stockings and nude shoes could look very chic, especially a patterned stocking :shrugs:
  15. LOL another who read the question wrong! I think it would be extremely hard to do! Unless it was done in a runway way and that wouldn't go over well at work!