Nude Numero Prives on!

  1. Cool!!! Just ordered them!!!
  2. wow, price just went up from $650 (exact shoe last season) to $770.
  3. They are the holy grail shoe! Everybody who has been looking should snatch them up now. There has already been a $100 price increase since last year.

    Is it me, or does this year's version look more matte as compared to last year's? Maybe it's just the picture?

    Last year's nude

    This year's nude

    This year's fuschia
  4. These price increases are insane! I was at Saks yesterday and the nude yoyo which has always been $540, then went up to $570 is now $595 WTF?!?

    I just ordered the fuschia patent leather, I hope that it is in fact patent leather because as Lavender mentioned, the photo makes the leather look rather matte.
  5. it doesn't even look like patent leather to me!

    how do these run in terms of sizing?
  6. Is everyone ordering a half size up from your US size? Sizing still confuses me! I should probably order two sizes, just in case, as these are my HG! lol (Well besides the Nude Patent VPs!)
  7. They are pretty TTS, but from what some of you ladies have said are narrower than the architeks.
  8. I wear a size 38 normally, and my Nude NPs are a size 39, so I actually recommend going up one full size up, but I am sure that 1/2 a size up would be ok too. My opinion is always to order 2 pairs and return the ones that don't fit well.
  9. i can theoretically swing one but no way two. maybe i'll just order half size? or full size? eek i don't want to guess wrong but i'm dying for nude patents!
  10. Which do you guys like better the nude patent yoyo or nude patent VP peep toe? I have a nude patent VP on order, but I wonder if the yoyo is better.

    Also, how does the yoyo fit compared to the VPs? Same, smaller, bigger???

    The pink would look great with white pants/jeans in the summer!!! Might have to pull the trigger on the pink.
  11. I always prefer the closed-toed version, be it the VP or the Yoyo 110.
  12. i don't know how to preorder since i have a UK address. i can't have them send it to my california address because my mother (bless her) would probably never let me hear the end of spending so much on a pair of shoes and our relationship is extremely delicate as is!
  13. I tried the nude patent yoyos and as beautiful as that shoe is, they were too uncomfy for me. But some people say they are very comfortable, so I guess it depends on the person. Anyhow because of that, I prefer the VPs.
  14. IMO the leather looks like it's glossy but not in patent. i spoke to my SA at Saks and he mentioned the nudes are coming back but in a glossy shine leather, not totally patent. i suppose that explains why the NP looks more matte than usual? would love a pair but that price... is scaring me!!