Nude No prives are avaiable in few sizes>>>

  1. :sad: they don't have my size. good for my wallet:smile:
  2. They do have my size, but I really can't afford another pair right now :sad: this really sucks!!
  3. Argh, no longer available!
  4. I put my size in my the time I ran upstairs to grab my CC....POOF!! GONE!!!
    Very upsetting!
    Not like I needed another pair, but they were the nude ones, so this was an exception.
  5. all gone :sad:
  6. i ordered them last night! yay! and thank you pwecious!!!!
  7. aw...sorry girls. at least one of us here got a pair rite??
    i'll post some more if i see any ;)
    good luck!!