Nude Mini GV3 vs Cross3?

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Which one should I keep?

  1. Gv3

    7 vote(s)
  2. Cross3

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hello all! I have to pick one and need help with pros/cons on both because I can’t make up my mind. Both can be worn crossbody, both can be used to carry a phone, keys and a few cards and lipstick. Can both be used as a spring/summer day to evening and maybe even semi-formal (brunch/baby shower) kind of bag? Can both be used with a pair of jeans and t? What do you think of the mini GV3 vs the cross3 in nude? Thank you so much in advance!
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  2. The mini GV3 is adorable. The crossbody looks like a thousand other bags. Every designer makes a version of it. However, it looks like it holds more. If both work for what you need to carry, I don't think there is a contest. The GV3, for sure.
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  3. C190008F-25D8-4480-BAD8-47A6E459D42C.jpeg 29EEA684-2B9E-425B-B0CD-6DD8D1EF41BB.jpeg 882207CB-A667-45E2-881D-066E080AC844.jpeg
    0BEBB7D4-2ACE-4A07-B74D-D4548A04E473.png 20F2E854-A2B8-43A8-A04E-C418DBEFE728.jpeg
    Pics for reference
  4. The mini gv3 doesn’t fit and iPhone plus :crybaby:
  5. Had same reaction with their belt bags...look so my style. But maybe if it was bigger, it wouldn't be as appealing? I'm sure Givenchy considered that as part of product design.

    I actually like the cross3, but would prefer a quilted version.
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  6. It’s interesting, I was reading a thread yesterday over in ysl discussing redesigns of their bags to fit the iphones. I honestly don’t think they were thinking about the pluses when they designed bc all they need is 6.5+ inches to fit the length of the I phone pluses and some of the smaller bags are just shy of that and it’s heartbreaking that you have to rule them out :sad: I’m in love with the nano givenchy horizon and it’s just not big enough for my phone :sad:
  7. Agree, gotta fit my phone or no go. Oh well, we can always hope for new seasons. Maybe they'll realize this and redesign.
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  8. I'm told the mini is being discontinued (likely due to this design flaw), so if the size is not an issue (some can fit their phone diagonally inside) and you can find a great deal, you may want to get one while they're available.

    But, overall, these limitations are why I've never bought this size. Granted the nano is way smaller, but that's more of a novelty item with other perks IMO. Of course, the small is the most functional of the compact GV3s.

    However, I've also grown to love the Cross3 as well. It's underrated IMO, as I was hooked after my first foray and have since bought other variations. Fits quite a bit and very versatile.
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  9. Omg where did you find the Cross3 in nude?!
  10. I managed to get one from Farfetch at 70% off. They're all sold out now, but you can try signing up for a back in stock notice:

    ...a quick Google search also shows that Nordstrom has them at full price.
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