Nude Mad Marys!

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  2. I don't know if it's just me....but I was staring at that FootcandyShoes photo for the longest time and trying so hard to like that shoe, and yet for some reason I just don't think those silver/pewter studs work well with the nude patent color (and on that particular style). If it were a nude patent Rolando (or Rolando with that Mary Jane strap) without any studs/adornment I think it would've been a fab classic shoe.....but the nude color blended with those pewter studs just doesn't quite seem to work IMO (sort of like how the camel patent in the Rolando style turned out to be a huge disappointment....for some CL styles the whole simply isn't the sum of its parts as I've found). IMO for the "Mad Mary" the best versions are the beige patent w/ gold studs & the black patent w/ gold studs. The nude patent version w/ silver/pewter studs just seem way too trendy, almost a bit tacky (too-princess-y in my books if you KWIM). Really don't mean any offense to those to like this nude patent "Mad Mary" but just wanted to share my 2 cents.
  3. I know what you mean Foxy. As much as I love nude shoes, they don't all make my heart skip a beat. I think nude shoes are best without adornment and kept sleek.
  4. I saw this too and was quite suprised. Although I haven't seen the nude mad mary IRL, I just don't think that it would work IMO. I love CL nude shoes but I think they are best left to the classic styles, ie Very Prive, Yoyo, etc.

    I agree with Foxy that the best color combo for the mad mary is the beige patent w/ gold studs. But I would love to see this shoe modeled on someone, I always seem to change my mind about CL shoes that I don't originally like and when I actually see them on somoeone, they look so much better.
  5. I just like the studs on the black ones. I don't dislike the other colors but I don't like them $865 worth.
  6. LMAO.... If this wasn't in the shoe forum, I would have expected a whole different topic with that title...
  7. totally agree! Seems like every season prices go up & up. $865 is a lot for these, that's why i ebayed them :smile:

  8. I have these in black and beige and yes $865 is A LOT, but I still love them. LOL I got lucky on the beige pair b/c I had a $125 purple card from Barneys so it helped that purchase out.

    I love "nude" and I agree with some of the others, I'm not a fan of these. I would have been all over them though w/o the studs. IMO, the beige is gorgeous, and the black is fun and if worn right, looks great. I'm out of town, but I will take pics of both pairs on Sunday and post the pics.
  9. ^^I totally agree with Asha. $865 is a lot but they are really stand out shoes that you can't help but notice. I love mine and they are suprisingly comfy.
    You can always ebay them at the end of the season and probably still get half back.
    Still not feeling the nude color, I think that beige is the best with black closely following, grey is nice too.