Nude Lips...suggestions?

  1. I use MAC C-Thru.
  2. For a lipstick I really like Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss in Vanilla Beige and for a gloss I :love: Guerlain Terracotta 52 in Beige Sun.
  3. What is a good nude for yellow undertone instead of pink?
    Can I wear matte without using a lip pencil?
    What is a good non sticky gloss to go over it?
    Sorry, I'm a newb at makeup!!
  4. For a really nude/skin look: Nars Belle Du Jour
  5. My favorite nude lipstick at the moment is CHANEL Aqualumière #91 Positano :tup:
  6. I use Laura Mercier's Glosstick in Brown Sugar. You get the color of lipstick and the shine of lipgloss. Plus it's not drying at all.
  7. I have yellow undertones, too, and finding a good nude is very hard!!! To answer your first question, I would def. wear lip pencil with nude lips (otherwise your mouth can get "lost", and you can use a great universal lip pencil (like MAC's Spice) to warm up just about any nude lipstick that might not normally work on you. As far as nude lipsticks, I would check out MAC's Hug Me, which has a very nice texture and color for yellow undertones. Wear it with MAC's Subculture, Stripdown, or Spice lipliner. I would stay far away from MAC's lip glosses if you object to sticky lipglosses, though, and check out lines like Three Custom Color (online), Laura Mercier, or Korres (they have some lovely nudes that aren't sticky at all at Sephora) instead.

    Alternatively, the very best makeup line out there for face, eye, & lip colors in the nude range is Bobbi Brown (at least IMO), so you might want to just do one-stop shopping there for lipstick, liner, and gloss -- but the gloss is a tad sticky (though not anything like MAC's), so be forewarned. The good part about stickier gloss though is that it lasts longer!! ;)

    I hope that this helps!!! :flowers:
  8. Thanks Loquita!! Very helpful... I will check out the above this week.
  9. I found another beautiful nude lipstick that I am loving right now! Dolce & Gabbana creme lipstick in nude.
  10. I like Chanel Rouge Allure No.24 Evocation for a really natural look - there's mainly pinky rose in there but it has a little bit of browny beige too. Is fantastic for daytime use or when you don't want to look too made-up, yet groomed (but have got make-up on, LOL!)
  11. Try Armani lipstick in 16. It has good staying power and just provides that hint of color.
  12. NYX Round lipsticks in Circe (nude beige) and Thalia (nude pink)
  13. I definitely have yellow undertones, and I don't know why this works, but my staple nude lip is Viva Glam V (lipstick or lipglass) with Stripdown lip pencil. It doesn't seem as if it should work with my tone, but it does.
  14. old thread but our ongoing quest for the perfect nude lipstick continues! Love it.

    If it hasn't already posted...MAC lipstick in Blankety is my favorite nude. I like putting a tinted more highly-pigmented lipgloss over it so it's nude but doesn't make my lips disappear into my face, LOL!
  15. i really like MAC freckletone