Nude Lips...suggestions?

  1. I forgot I had thic color until you mentioned it. Of course, I had to rummage through my makeup case to try it on again! This color does look great with dark, smokey eyes, so if you can find it, get it!
  2. Good Old L'Oreal Mica is a long time favorite for me...deep but neutral color with a little shimmer.
  3. Do you have a pic of this ?? I have several juicy tubes and can find them easily in the stores... but cannot find one you are talking about here ...
    thanks !
  4. Oh I envy you girls that can pull of the beige lips!
  5. Mac Sublime Culture lipliner (don't have to use this if you don't like liner) and MAC Jubilee lipstick
  6. i love Coconutty... by MAC
  7. I don't think that's around anymore.
  8. Anything available in drugstores and in Targets/Walmart? I have a tan complexion with pink undertones so I go for light pinks in lipglosses. I'd love to try a nude lipgloss, are there any with pink undertones available that you've tried and loved?
  9. I love NARS Belle De Jour and CLINIQUE Creamy nude.
  10. Smashbox has the Pale Pout...very sexy and very nude as well...highly recommend it...
  11. Now that lipstick is back for fall, I am seeking a nude lipstick that will go well with a smoky eye. I'm pretty pale, so it can't be too dark. I'm also cool-toned so it would be best if the nude had a hint of pink. Any ideas? :flowers:

  12. Check MAC. They just released the smoke signals collection today....if you're not familiar with MAC, it's a collection for the smokey eye look. There's a few nude lippies. I use MAC Jubilee for mine.
  13. I think Bobby Brown always has products for nude tone.
  14. I have a nude shade (too lazy to go upstairs to check the name of the colour) from Estee Lauder. It's very rich and creamy. Annoys me sometimes because I don't like lipstick that feels like it's not settled on my lips. But as far as colour goes, it's not too bad and I've received some compliments on it.
  15. check makeup for ever at sephora i just bought their nude matte lipstick it looks great with smoky eyes..