Nude Lips...suggestions?

  1. Myth by MAC
  2. I use MAC "Hug Me" lipstick with "C-Thru" lipglass.
  3. That might be good for me... solid lipstick doesn't always look that great on me for some reason, so maybe the gloss would work! Thanks everyone!
  4. Very Beige --- Christian Dior Addict lipstick, the high shine one.
  5. I second lil miss cheeky's vote for MAC Flutterby lipstick (from the Madame B collection). My standby nude lip pencil is MAC's Subculture. Another "universal" liner (although it's much darker than nude) is Chanel's Nude lip pencil which is a brownish pink. Stila's Praline lipglaze is my favourite nude lip gloss :smile:
  6. Bobbie brown Beige lipstick with STila lipgalze in sheen over it.Worn this combo for YEARS..Get tons of compliments!
  7. MAC Sharp Beige if you can find it.
    Nars Dolce Vita & Honolulu Honey as well.
  8. Trish McEvoy has a lip sheer with SPF in it--it's more like a gloss; it's called peach, but there's almost no color to it. It's in a regular lipstick holder.
  9. OOOh thanks ladies, lots of good options to try!
  10. MAC - High Tea!!!!!!!!
  11. I think MAC had one called "Body Suit" that I really love, and Smashbox has a couple right is "Charming" (sort of sheer) and the other is called "Master."
  12. If you dont want the heaviness of a full lipstick but want the lightweight feel of a gloss try Vincent Longo lipstains. It comes in a tube like a lipstick but goes on super sheer with a light shine. Lots of moisture and it got rave reviews on makeup alley.
  13. i LoVe Myth! I'll buy 5 at a time:love: and I use them all!!
  14. You know I can never pull off this look. I almost threw the lipstick at hubby when he said I looked like a cadaver(sp?)!!!

  15. YES!!! I have this somewhere!! I MUST find it!