Nude Lips...suggestions?

  1. In the winter, I really love doing the smoky eye, nude lip thing, especially for parties and big nights out. However... my favorite and most flattering nude lip pencil was discontinued, and I lost the very last bit of it while on vacation. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good nude lipcolor? I have kind of peachy skin.
  2. Well, I think the popular vote would be for Mac's 'Spice' for the lip pencil. I do agree that it is a rather universal lip pencil if you want to achieve the natural look. I then just put a bronze/gold type gloss (Bourjois beige elastic) over it and blend it well and that usually does it...
  3. Thanks!!! I'll check that out!
  4. Flutterby by mac I think its called is nice or high tea but that could be discontinue
  5. I hate when they discontinue good colors :sad:
  6. Mac's "Fondle" lipstick is pretty nude colored. I use that with gloss.
  7. I love Nars Belle du jour
  8. oohh I never tried that:nuts:

    Yeah I know so annoying when they do, Myth from make very nude nearly like a skin tone but lovley with a gloss :wtf:
  9. Thanks ladies, I will be checking those out!!
  10. Its not a lipstick, but the closest nude I have found is Butterscotch by Loreal in one of the little colorjuice tubes. Looks like a Juicy Tube, works about the same, but MUCH cheaper!
  11. Nars belle du jour.
  12. Spice can be pretty orangy. Subculture is more pinky nude. For lip pencils by MAC.

    I'd agree Flutterby was a good one but it's discontinued.

    Just go by the MAC counter and go through their "Lustre" line.
  13. Flirt by Benefit. The best ever!
  14. I have been on the search for the perfect nude lipstick for a couple of years and finally found the best one for me. It is Bobby Brown "pale pink" (#21).
  15. Estee Lauder had a entire Nude collection by Tom Ford. However, I don't know if you can still get it because it was limited edition products. The lipstick colors in the Nude line were awesome.