Nude Jimmy Choo?

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  1. i think JC's nude is more yellow or brown tone...i haven't seen one IRL just from the screen. the CL nude is bit more pinkish which i've seen it IRL. personally i think CL has the best nude color.
    but i find the screen will not be too different from the real shoes.
  2. I would agree with juneping, and also from what i have seen in stores, JC looks more yellow/beige nude, whereas many of CLs are more of a blush/pink nude, which like juneping, I like better.
  3. Hi there -
    I just bought the JC nude Irenas and, having also seen the CL in person, agree with juneping and marbella8. IMO, JC nude is more beige, not as pink. The leather is marvelously soft and comfy, though, and the heel height is very comfortable. Hope that helps!
  4. I think it all depends on your skin tone. I'm more yellow/beige (asian) so the JC nude matches my skin tone perfectly (that's the one I purchased). I've tried the nude of CL and it is too pink for me..doesn't match my skin tone.
  5. Can someone give any tips on sizing? I'm a pretty solid US brands 7.5.
  6. I had the same problem with the nude color Jimmy Choos. When I tried them on at the JC Boutique they were a different color than the ones I tried on at Nordstroms. The SA told me that it is a different die lot. I just picked the color I liked better. I love my nude JC shoes- either color will go with everything and they make your legs look longer!
  7. I've got the nude CL and their color is perfect. As for Choos, mine run a little BIT but I think its because they are wider than other brands.

  8. What size did you get and was it far off from your US size?
  9. I've tried the Irena in patent nude and the best fit for me was a 1/2 size up than my usual size.