Nude Heels

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  1. Anybody know where i can get a pair of nude heels for under $100? I really want a pair but can't really afford to spend over $100. Do any of you own any? Please help me out... Thanks!
  2. It should not be hard. Did you look at Perhaps also Nordstrom or Nine West? Really anywhere, like Macys will have what you need.

    Is the problem that you want Louboutin or Jimmy Choo for under $100? :confused1: If you decribe the shoe style you desire, it will be easier to help you.
  3. No nothing like that, i just wanted a pair of Nude heels either closed toe or peep-toe or slingback anything goes just a pair of nude heels with a tall heel.
  4. try nine west or aldo
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    Steve Madden has these in the Blush color for $80.
  6. those r ok i guess but if i wear 4.5" heels they usually don't have a platform lol i'm sorry i should've myself more clear :sad:

    i had them in pink and they hurt my toes so much i had to return them :sad:

    i tried aldo and didn't like anything but didn't try nine west i'll have to do that though...
  7. Maybe L.A.M.B. "Laken" if you find sales or a good deal... ? Bought these to my GF a few days ago on eBay for 110€. But it was hard to find them...

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  8. What kind of style are you looking for? Pump? Sandal? Slingback?
  9. Aldo has a good pair, I think they are 75 dollars.
  10. i'd try nine west and aldo...
  11. try ,, , they all have nude shoes
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