nude flats

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  1. Does anyone know where can I find some nude ballet flats?
    TIA! =) :heart:
  2. Yup, I sure did. Here it is again. Updated to include my nude yoyos. Sorry about the tag. I can't quite figure out the software. The shoes are: Rolande, Very Prive, Numero Prive, Yoyo, and the Ballerina.
  3. Gorgeous nude collection! I was too late to snatch the nude rolandes:crybaby:
  4. Aww, sorry about that HSL. When they first came out they were at Footcandy and netaporter. My Rolandes were my first nude. I never imagined I would have up to five nude CLs.
  5. Very impressive and lovely CL nude collection!
  6. Thank you meeowy! I originally planned on having CL autograph my Rolande, but I didn't want to wear shoes that were signed in case they would get scruffed off. Instead I had him sign my Bezehelmuts (still unworn) and he signed on a part that wouldn't get scuffed. If I had known that I would have brought it for him to sign. Nothing would have pleased me more than having one of my nudes signed.
  7. those nude flats are sooo cute =( too bad the price is way out of my budget though =( i really want those now!!! it's all your fault hsl521! lol =)
  8. I know doesn't that suck? Everytime I try to go on a shoe ban something new always pop up. It really sucks. haha... How are those Lavender? are they comfortable? What colors do you wear em with?
  9. I haven't broken them in very well, but I have worn them with gray skinny jeans and black bootcut jeans with the hem rolled up.