Nude Fifa or Sophia Regina?!

  1. Hello all!

    So I have the simple pump in black.

    I'm debating between the nude simple in the 85mm heel or the Sophia Regina.

    Here is the link for it:

    Would the size for those be the same as the simple pump?

    Would you recommend the new simple nude with the platform?

    What about the Fifi?

    What do you all think? What's the most comfortable?
  2. I have never seen this shoe! How unique! I do not own Simples or Fifis, so I can't give much feedback. However, I am a big fan of the Simples with platform, so that might be my vote. Also, I think the platform helps with comfort (in my experience).

    I've found the Dorissima to be quite comfortable, but I've only seen it in 100mm, and it is available in nude. It's most similar to Fifi, but with a little more room in the toe box.