Nude Dilemma...please vote....reveal

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  1. both nudes look good on you, but imo, the AD's platform is a bit much... if the purpose of a nude shoe is to elongate your legs, then it shouldn't make your feet look thick. :confused1:

    that probably doesn't make much sense, but i guess what i'm trying to say is with a nude shoe, you shouldn't get anything that is too different from the natural shape/thickness of your feet.

    honestly, both shades of nude look good on you, but if i were you and had to pick, i would stick with the VP
  2. Because they are both gorgeous. I prefer a chunky shoe, so I vote for the ADs if you decide not to keep them both. But, keep them both....I am sure you deserve it! :biggrin:
  3. wow love the AD. keep those!
  4. love the poseidons, OMG!

    As for the nude debate, they are both really pretty but I vote for the ADs. Love the color and ADs are probably my favorit style.
  5. I vote for the ADs too because the colour matches your skin tone better. However, I like the VPs too...nude VPs are one of my HGs!
  6. the purple poseidons are AMAZING!

    as for the nudes, keep both... they look different enough to me to justify it :P
  7. I like the VP better :smile:
  8. UPDATE:

    Last night I tried on a few things.

    I feel that summery type of clothing looks better with the ADs....for example had this red and white dress on...and the VPs didn't go well with it...but ADs perfect.

    but then I tried on some darker clothing and the ADs didn't go well with it but the VPs did.

    SOOOOO the tone of the VPs goes better with black, plums, dark jeans, etc.....white the ADs are GREAT for spring/summer clothing and little dresses.

  9. Woohooo! Nude party! :party: :party: hahaha
  10. My favorite type of party!!!!!!

    the nude AD is really the perfect spring/summer nude!!! :smile:
  11. Haha, sounds like you're gonna keep both... good idea! :P
  12. for now yes!
  13. Glad you're keeping both because they're both gorgeous! Love the nude VP.
  14. ^^Agreed! We have multiple pairs of black shoes in our closets, right? And nudes are even more versatile! I am so happy you are keeping them both! :yahoo:
  15. oooh you wear them both beautifully, but its always the VP that steal my heart! they are my faves.
    I have the nude, and have never once wondered or thought about if they suit my skin tone! its just the gorgeous colour that I love.

    I have the nude vps and I am going to order a pair of simples in nude next - I think nude is as versatile as black, so keep both if you can :smile: