Nude Dilemma...please vote....reveal

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  1. I think the nude ADs I love.
  2. The AD's look sooo good on you and they seem to fit better in the width from the pics. I think you should call the boutique and ask if a store credit or an exchange would be possible, they do make exceptions on some things although I've never been past the return date.
  3. Since you seem to like the AD's more, I would keep those and see if you can return the VP's. I agree that the AD's go better with your skin tone. Maybe you can get a store credit so you won't end up having two nudes, one of which you probably won't wear because you aren't in love with them.

    The purple Poseidons are GORGEOUS!!
  4. I prefer the nude shade of the Altadama on you, but in general, prefer the style of the VP, ahh. :nuts: You love the Altadama's best though, so I think trying to get store credit for the VPs is the way to go. :flowers: Otherwise, maybe your friend will get 'em from you. Your purple Poseidons look stunning on you, btw! :drool:
  5. Can't choose, I love both!!
  6. I love the AD's and they look great on you, but I am biased because I really want a pair.
  7. I much prefer the VPs over the ADs because I am not a fan of ADs in general. I agree that the AD nude is closer to your skin, but I do like the taupey look of the VPs.

    Keep whichever you prefer, is most comfortable etc. Because non CL-crazed friends won't notice the difference between them. Do try them on with appropriate outfits before you make a decision.
  8. OP, purple poseidons!! GORGEOUS!!

    and the nude ADs for sure! They go much better with your fair skin tone!
  9. Keep both! I do like the VP's better than the AD's though.
  10. i like the ad's better...damn this forum right? lol...just when you think you got the most beautiful shoe ever....something else comes along lol
  11. Definitely the AD's. In my opinion they really complement your fair complexion.
  12. I lovee the nude AD's!! I think the color matches your skin tone perfectly, the VP's are gorgeous, but my personal preference is the AD's. I know what you mean, that you would end up wearing only one, so if that is the case, I would call the boutique you got the VP's from and just ask. There is no harm in asking right? But good luck to you regardless.

    Your lavender poseidons are absolutely breathtaking!!! Love the color, truly a gorgeous shoe, congrats on that!!
  13. I tried them on with black leggings...and the VP look better with darker clothes. tomorrow I will try them on with more summery outfits

    so maybe the VP are better for more fallish outfits and the AD for more spring!

    because I do like both!
  14. Those Poseidons are STUNNING, no question about that!

    The shade of the AD is closer to your skin tone, but I prefer the warmth of the nude VPs. The color on the ADs seems to be colder, if that makes sense. I've got about the same skin tone as you, and the I prefer the warmer nude tone on me.

    Can you afford to keep both? They both definitely have their merits. If not, I personally would go with the VP, but you can't go wrong with the ADs either, especially if you're more partial to them. IMO the VPs will be easier to find later if you change your mind, but the ADs are harder to find... I think?

    Good luck... very tough decision!
  15. VP hands down, IMO. Though the AD blends in with your skin tone better, I agree with Jet in that it looks too clunky. The VP is more flattering on you and is timeless.