Nude Dilemma...please vote....reveal

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  1. I definitely like the AD better. I think the VP looks good on you; just the AD looks better IMO! I don't think you could really go wrong keeping either though. I hope you can work something out with the VPs if you decide to keep the ADs instead. You never know until you ask about returning/exchanging, you know?

    And those Poseidons!!! :drool: Gorgeous!
  2. maybe i am weird but i actually like the VP better for you? even if the AD is closer to your skin tone.
  3. maybe I should keep both :smile:
  4. ^^yes!
  5. This is always a viable option, IMO. :graucho:
  6. I just feel I will always end up wearing one and not the other.
  7. That's highly possible. I feel that way too about my shoes, which is why I try to get as many different colors and styles as I can. I don't like to have to choose between really similar shoes because whichever one I like better will get worn while the other sits in its box.

    Which one do YOU like better?
  8. My vote is for the ADs.:salute:
  9. I think I like the ADs better. I literally got the package right before I posted this. If I want to return I will have to think quick if they let me overrule the 10 day thing....then....I would have to make a quick decision.
  10. Always go with your gut!
  11. Hmmm I like the VPs - maybe I'm just going crazy, but the VPs almost look like a camel color in your pics versus a true nude. But I think it still looks great with your skin. I'm with Jet, I think the AD are a little too chunky for nude.

    And your poseidons are TDF!!
  12. if you can't return or exchange, keep them both! I've kept shoes that were one size too small :P the more CLs the better
  13. I like the AD. I am sure the boutique wouldn't mind doing the exchange for you or even just giving you a credit. They can be pretty accommodating.
  14. Nude AD for sure!!! I love these:smile:
  15. i think given this statement, you should keep the ones that you will wear more, and see if the boutique can do something to help you with the other one. good luck!! they're both gorgeous on you tho!