Nude Dilemma...please vote....reveal

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  1. so a package came today.

    First let me wet your pallet with the purple!
  2. oops

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  3. so here is the dilemma....

    I bought VP in nude about 2 weeks ago we are past the 10 day return.

    I saw these nude AD on the forum and was wow-ed perfect nude. I am very pale.

    SO......the nude VP are already mine...past return time......and the AD on do I keep the AD which I think is the better nude for me...

    and just keep....the VP nude as well or try to return or something?

    why do I need 2 nudes?

    which nude do you guys like best?
  4. HEre is the nude VP

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  5. and now nude AD

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  6. now one on one foot an the other on the other...

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  7. Definitely these; they match your skin color very well. The other are a bit dark imho.
  8. I agree on I wonder if CL is really strict on the 10 days. one problem....the VP came from a different boutique.
  9. #9 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    I definitely think the nude AD are more flattering on you. They might give you store credit, but the only way you will know for certain is to call and verify.
  10. I definitely like the AD nude better against your skintone.

    (Those lavender Poseidons -- *sigh* :girlsigh:)
  11. They "might" let you exchange
  12. #12 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    First of all, the purple poseidons look AMAZING on you! The purple is so yummy!

    The nude AD definitely match your skin tone better, my vote would to keep them and exchange the nude VP.
  13. I think returning the VP for store credit will be a big hassle and might rub the boutique the wrong was so maybe one of my friends will want them. I have a buddy that is the same size.

    I was happy with the nude VP until I saw the AD!
  14. I think the VP looks gorgeous on you. I would go that way. The AD is slightly clunky, KWIM? Tee VPs are perfect!

    I adore the Poseidons too!
  15. The nude AD definitely go very well with your skintone. :smile: The nude color looks more like the new beige color on you, they still look great, just not as nude as you want them to be.