Nude CL prive slingbacks recd..but shows lots of toe that normal?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I finally recd these CL nude prive slingbacks, but the problem i'm sorta having are the toe cleavage part? it seems like it shows a that normal? does anyone have any pix of them wearing them??? thx
  2. Yes it is normal. There should be some toe cleavage! Love the nude no. prives!!
  3. Pwecious, the No Prive and Very Prive are 2 styles that show a lot of toe cleavage so it is completely normal, I think that is part of what makes these styles so sexy. CL shoes in general reveal a lot of toe cleavage so show it off girl!
  4. great..thank you girls ..i feel better now :smile:

    any1 got pix though..i want to see some sexy cleaves..hehee
  5. ^^^lol

    Keep them, they are hot! I have them and love them. I know other members have them too!
  6. ask--do u have the slingbacks or covered heel ones? i wanted the covered heels but they didnt' have i have the slingbacks..had to up 1/2 size them.. :smile:
  7. I have both, well the very prives are on their way to me. I love both and am keeping both, but I would definitely hold onto these b/c you may not find another pair anytime soon. NM online is sold out of the slingback and Saks sold out pre-order wise, but you should check soon because I bet returns will start popping back up. A lot of people order two sizes because they are unsure of which one will fit. KWIM?
  8. I've got both the no. prive and very prive in nude. There are pics of me wearing the no. prive in a thread somewhere here. I think it's titled "perfect match nail polish" or something like that. I'll post the link later. And, yes toe cleavage is part of the appeal!
  9. toe cleavage is completely normal. no worries.
  10. polishandnprivetag.JPG
  11. If I'm not mistaken, very prive = covered heel, while numero prive = slingback?

    The nude patent numero prive are on my "next to buy after the shoe ban ends" list. Hawt.

    Post pics, pwecious!
  12. Yup, legaldiva you are right. Very Prive = closed heel and No. Prive = slingback.
  13. thanks for the info..i've always wondered the difference btw, no prive and very prive. thx
  14. Thanks hsl. Seeing that pic reminds me I need a pedicure STAT!